More and more visitors discover Kaunas as a destination for a health treatment and medical tourism. General practice and diagnostics, odontology, plastic surgery, SPA and rehabilitation centers attract clients from all of the Europe. Kaunas meets visitors with a high qualification of doctors also modern equipment and the level of service quality meeting the highest standards. Despite high quality of services for 3-5 times lower prices comparing with Western Europe, Kaunas has also got such benefits, like cozy and compact city, nature and fresh air, cheap hotels. Kaunas is now connected with direct flights from 17 other cities in Europe. 



5 Plastik Chirurgie KLINIK "GROŽIO PASAULIS" dantu protezavimas5 Zahnmedizin KAUNAS ZAHNKLINIK "DENTICIJA" wlntrvl Agentur für Medizin-Tourismus Wellness Travels 1 Allgemeinmedizin Praxis KLINIK BENDROSIOS MEDICINOS PRAKTIKA KEDE Zahnmedizin ZAHNKLINIK "ARINIJA" medvisus Agentur für Medizin-Tourismus Medvisus sauleja kaunas SPA und Wellness-Zentren Saulėja SPA 001 WEB Zahnmedizin ZAHNKLINIK MALO CLINIC | DPC est2 Allgemeinmedizin Praxis Ästhetische Chirurgie-Mitte ALE Zahnmedizin INTERNATIONALE ZAHNKLINIK PRO-IMPLANT


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