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The 16th of February

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10:00 am Kaunas Students and Kaunas Public Police Action at the entrances to Kaunas.

10:00 am St Mass at the Resurrection Basilica of Christ in Kaunas, Žemaičių St. 31A.

10:00 am St Mass of Kaunas St. Archb. Michael's (Crew) Church, Independence a.14A.

11:00 am Public action "Put a candle on the volunteer graves".

11:00 am The passage of Kaunas students, students and public organizations from the Church of Christ's Resurrection of Kaunas to the Vytautas Magnus War Museum Museum.

11:30 am Bell Music Concert at Vytautas Magnus War Museum Museum.

12:00 Formal commemoration, ceremony of raising the flag of the Order of the Vytis Cross, the oath ceremony of the junior officers' course superiors, and laying flowers at the Vytautas Magnus War Museum Museum.

12: 30-12: 35 The bells of Lithuanian churches "Gloria Lithuania". Sounds 100 Freaks Of Bell Bites.

12:40 pm HYPERBOL IN TRIBUTE Concert by Igor Berino and group Huge Soul at Vytautas Magnus War Museum.

12: 40-19: 00 THE INDICATIVE GAME "One Hundred Moments of Lithuanian Freedom in Kaunas" in the central part of the city. We invite everyone to take part in the orienteering route and visit the interwar-related buildings, monuments and other memorable places. All places will be marked with a special distinguishing mark and each one will have a specially designed action. The leaflets will be printed and distributed, in which the Lithuanian Independence Act, the map of places / points of interest and the place for the seals will be printed. At each point you will receive a stamp with the name and date of that personality, historical place or building. In this way, we invite everyone to symbolically gather signatures of their new century's independence act. Collecting stamps at the last point of the game - specially made badges will be served in the historic Presidential Garden of the Republic of Lithuania.
»12: 40-14: 30 Lithuanian Independence Act from signatory Jonas Basanavičius's hands to Vytautas Magnus University (Student Square). Actor Saulius Bagaliūnas will play Jonas Basanavičius who will read an act of independence, interact and photograph the people, share the orienteering game books and put their first stamps on them.
»13: 00-15: 00 Songs with Primary Danielium Dolsky at Laisvės avenue near the Metropolis restaurant. Andrius Apšeus, who has been sculpted by D. Dolsky sculpture, who will sing Primary songs, interact with the public, make stamps, photographs.
»13: 15-15: 15 Inter-war dances in the crew officer's detachment of Kaunas. Lynch dancers will meet the people who come to the small gym, teach midwestern dance, and volunteers will stamp their visits.
»14: 00-16: 00 Professor Maironis and lyricist at Žaliakalnis funicular museum. Maironis' actor Gintautas Bereeris will read a lyricist, share stamps, and interact with photography.
»14: 00-15: 00 Reconstruction of the Historical Interchange of the Guard Service of the Ministry of National Defense of the Interwar War at the Gedimino st. 25. During this time, we will see troops of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, wearing uniforms, flags raising ceremony, three dedication traps and a public cognitive narrative about the palace's environment and ceremony, hear the songs performed by the military orchestra's march and the youth (stamps will be stamped)
»14: 30-16: 00 Cabaret at the Kaunas State Musical Theater. Actors dressed in cabaret clothing will photograph, share replies, make mizanscenas, singers will sing the pieces of operettas and musicals.
»14: 30-16: 30 Interviews with Kaunas burger Jon Vileishiu at Laisvės avenue near the Central Post Office. An ancient car will stand at the monument. Actor Alexander Rubinov will create bourgeois Jonas Vileišis, interact with the audience, make tea, share stamps.
»17: 00-19: 00 Presidential Dodel. Presidential Congratulations, Opening of the Ice Sculpture Park, SergeSax & DJ Groov's Music, Light and Laser Show at the Interim Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania in Kaunas. The presidential garden will see revived presidents and hear the passages of their historic greetings. Presidents will embody: A. Stulginsky - Arturas Suziedelis, K. Grinius - Arūnas Stanionis, A. Smetonas - Edvinas Vadoklis. Presidents will come with an antique car. We would like to invite all those gathered to admire the masters' ten glass sculptures # 100, LOVE SCULPTURE, LITHUANIAN INDEPENDENCE ACT, LR HERBAL AND GEDIMINAIČIŲ STULPAI, etc., to see the light and laser show and to enjoy DJ together with Sergey Vichrov (saxophone) contemporary retro music, cook on the almonds and make tea. Here all the collected game stamps will be rewarded with specially made badges.

16:00 The Vytautas the Great's War Memorial Ceremony at the Vytautas Magnus War Museum.

17:00 Concert "Restored Century Music" at the Kaunas State Philharmonic for the centenary of the Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra (with the invitation)

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