Traditional events

7gallery weekend May Gallery Weekend Kaunas (May) 2nerk i teatra2 March Festival „Dive to the theater“ (March) egle apsviesta 7 Copyright Kaunas IN December CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING FESTIVAL AND CHRISTMAS TOWN (DECEMBER) Laura Vanseviciene Aura Jungiklis 5083 1348x900 October INTERNATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL „AURA“ (OCTOBER) 15kaunas cantat May Choral festival „Kaunas Cantat“ (May) festivalis operete kauno pilyje 51d86945065e1 990x557 July OPERETTA AT KAUNAS CASTLE (MAY - OCTOBER) 05 cappellaa maza November Modern music festival „Iš arti” (November) AA 2011 05 20 020 May KAUNAS HANSEATIC DAYS (May) 6dizaino savaite May Design week (May) maxresdefaultre June BIKE SHOW & AUTO SHOW MILLENNIUM (MAY - JUNE)


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