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Lithuanian open air folk museum

L.Lekavičiaus g. 2, Rumšiškės, Kaišiadorių r. +370 346 47 392 Adults - 4 EUR, children, students, seniors - 2 EUR. Interior exposures opened: (May-September) I - VII, 10 AM - 6 PM; (1-15 of October.): I - VII, 10 AM - 6 PM; Interior exposure closed: (May-September)) I - VII 6 PM - 8 PM; (16th of October-March). I - VII 10 AM - 4 PM; (April). I - VII 10 AM - 5 PM

Open Air Museum of Lithuania is a unique and one of the largest (195 ha) open-air ethnographic museums in Europe. It has the biggest quantity of exhibits (140 buildings and over 88 000 mobile exhibits). The museum presents the mode of life, works, and traditions of peasants and townspeople of all Lithuanian ethnographic areas: Dzūkija, Aukštaitija, Suvalkija, Žemaitija and Lithuania Minor. It was established in 1966, in Rumšiškės on a picturesque coast of Kaunas Lagoon. There are fragments of the villages, authentic farms, century-old buildings with flower gardens, orchards and vegetable gardens, with crosses and wooden roofed poles, technical facilities – mills, forges, a fulling-mill and oil-mill lining along 7 km circular route, meandering between forests, meadows and hills. In the centre of the museum there is a fragment of a township with its typical buildings, where pots are shaped, amber and wood works are done and weaving process of linen is presented. The painful past of Lithuanian history is reminded in the sector of Deportation and Resistance. The guided tours, educational programs, calendar feasts, folk group concerts are being organized in the museum.

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