Traditional events

605078529 September Festival of traditional and modern folklore „SUKLEGOS“ (September) img517650 June PAŽAISLIS MUSIC FESTIVAL (JUNE - AUGUST) 05 cappellaa maza November Modern music festival „Iš arti” (November) Kaunas Jazz 2015 nuotr. aut. Augustas Didzgalvis 70 1000 800 3 April KAUNAS JAZZ FESTIVAL (APRIL) 3Kauno maratonas June Kaunas marathon (June) sugihara route 5 September Sugihara week (September) maxresdefaultre June BIKE SHOW & AUTO SHOW MILLENNIUM (MAY - JUNE) Gintarine pora May INTERNATIONAL SPORTING DANCES CONTEST „Gintarine pora“ (MAY) 16Jaunuju muziku festivalis2 March The International Youth Music Festival (March - April) KVK 2936 1024x683 May Kaunas cycling race (May)


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