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Kaunas castle TOP Kaunas castle zikaro namas Wood based architecture MEMORIAL MUSEUM OF J. ZIKARAS castle Tours Guided tour „KAUNAS – HANSEATIC TOWN“ domus pacis Recommendations for accommodation Guest house "DOMUS PACIS" medziotojai Recommendations for catering Restaurant "MEDŽIOTOJŲ UŽEIGA" Kauno igulos karininku ramove II Interwar architecture KAUNAS WAS AWARDED A EUROPEAN HERITAGE LABEL IX fortas 02 TOP The IX fort museum img 4318 676ac42f81f15397c5f702c75b92aa83.bmp 676ac42f81f15397c5f702c75b92aa83 Museum Museum of Lithuanian aviation 19 Gallery Mykolas Žilinskas art gallery zemuogiu 2 Wood based architecture A. Gedmantas house


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