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E. Ožeškienės g. 11, Kaunas +370 666 75 288 info@pmalunas.lt https://www.instagram.com/bundu.bakery/ II-VII, 9.00 AM - 6.00 PM.

There is a catchphrase spreading around the city of Kaunas – “From grain to bun”. What is that? A family-owned mill and bakery “Pranciškaus malūnas” in Aleksotas district and the cafe “Bundu” with its blue windows adorning Ožeškienės Street form a single organism, bringing together a strong and active community. When you open the doors of “Bundu”, you will enter a cozy, constantly changing space. Here you can taste delicious handmade pastries, buy fresh sourdough bread, taste specialty coffees and teas, and occasionally participate in a crazy party with a cinnamon bun in your hand, or in the exact opposite – a soul-cleansing, candlelight evening. This place is open to everyone, your pets too!

P.S. There are many vegan options. All “Bundu” drinks are prepared only with plant-based milk!

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