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A Rainy Day in Kaunas

So, you have arrived in Kaunas, and the weather is dreary, and you’re wondering what to do. This article is just for you.

So, you arrived in Kaunas, and the weather is dreary, and you’re wondering what to do. This article is just for you.

Read. Buy a book and immerse yourself within its pages in a cosy café nearby. Here’s a few combos that we tried and loved: the Kaunas central bookstore or its neighbour “Pegasas” and “Vero Café” or “Green Café”right next to both of them in Laisvės alėja, “Knygų ministerija” – a bookstore and a café in one, and “1000 ir viena knyga” in Vilnius street with two cafes close by to choose from, “Vero Café” and “Caffeine”.

A library is another excellent place to pick up and read an exciting book, especially if you read Lithuanian. Kaunas county public library (Radastų g. 2) and Kaunas V. Kudirkos public library (Laisvės al. 57) will always welcome you with open arms and shelves full of thrilling stories. One of the departments of Kudirkos also gives away vinyl records and DVD movies.

Dine out. Kaunas is earning a name for itself as the city of gastronomic discoveries. We keep hearing heartfelt compliments not only from Lithuanians but also visitors from Scandinavian countries, Germany, and Great Britain. Try out the legendary doughnuts of Kaunas, order a meal tasting course in one of the new modern restaurants or explore your own cooking potential in a culinary studio. Did you know that you can even learn the secrets of Georgian cuisine in Kaunas? We have released the Kaunas gastro guide as a separate map of the “It’s Kaunastic” series – you can check it out here.


Momo Grill. Picture by the restaurant.

Go to the movies. While the historical cinema theatre “Romuva” is being renovated from the ground up, its staff has taken to showing us movies in one of the Kaunas drama theatre halls (Kęstučio g. 62). Here you can find the favourites of the international Kaunas film festival and other cinephile gatherings. Also here in “Romuva” – Lithuanian premieres and the unbelievable ideas of the people behind the cinema theatre, which turn going to the movies into a new experience altogether. (on holidays in July and August!)

The “Forum Cinemas” cinema theatre, which makes its home in the “Akropolis” mall proudly presents the most effective and enjoyable cinema hall in the country called “Scape”. There are of course many more halls to choose from, which are still bound to give you a pleasant experience watching the movies of your favourite genres, as well as Lithuanian premieres and festival highlights. “Cinamon Kaunas”, which operates in the “Mega” mall, is a perfect choice for those traveling to Vilnius or Klaipeda, or the ones who simply wish to relax with a good movie after a shopping marathon. The winners of many festivals find their place in the repertoire.

Lose yourself in the museums. There are dozens of them in Kaunas. From the most famous, such as Vytautas the Great War Museum or Tadas Ivanauskas zoology museum, to the less known memorial houses operated by the National M. K Čiurlionis Museum of Art and the Kaunas city museum. You can also find clown, sports or diamond museums in Kaunas. All of them and many more cultural facilities are in the “Culture shock” map from the “It’s Kaunastic” series. You can find the digital version of it here.


House-museum of Liudas Truikys and Marijona Rakauskaitė. Photo by Dainius Ščiuka

Go shopping. The “Akropolis” mall of Kaunas is not only interesting for the plethora of international brand names found inside, a SPA centre, a cinema theatre and many more facilities, but also for the value of its architectural decisions. A hundred years ago, it was the land of the german businessmen Tilmans. Their office is now housing the “Akropolis” shops! The “Mega “mall is an ideal solution for those travelling to and from Kaunas. For those who wish to pair their shopping with sightseeing, we recommend the Old Town – the M. Valancius street is an alley of boutiques and galleries. You can find many interesting spots in Vilnius street as well. Many fashion fairs are happening in Kaunas as well – follow the event news and look for the codenames such as “Fashion Bazaar” or “Pop-up”.

Entertain yourself. Active entertainment under the safety of a roof exists not only in the heart of Kaunas but also in the districts further from the centre. For example, you can enjoy volleyball throughout the entire year at the sandy arena “RIO”, swim (or surf) at the swimming pool “Girstutis” or try to master the new Olympic sport in the bouldering centre “Miegantys drambliai”. That’s not even mentioning escape rooms, airsoft and cart racing!

For more ideas during dreary days, check out the “It’s Kaunastic” themed maps “Culture Shock”, “City of Champions” and “Kid-sized Kaunas”. We also invite you to check out the Kaunastic city gift card, in which you can find more than 100 of recommended activities from our partners.


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