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A Weekend in Kaunas: Art, Food and History

We caught up with the charming Polish couple behind Poszli-Pojechali blog to find out all about their recent trip to Kaunas.

Poszli-Pojechali is a lovely Polish-language blog dedicated to the art and joy of travel. Tatiana and Michał are the authors of the blog the name of which can be translated into something like “hey, ho, let’s go”.

This is what the authors tell about themselves, and their extensive posts prove just that: “We travel slowly, taste carefully and look for authentic experience to share. We want to show to our readers that travelling and seeing the world is not such an expensive hobby. We appreciate local food and regional specialities, look for places off the beaten track – to see, to eat, to drink, to relax, explore street art wherever we are and make lots of inspirational pictures”.

We were stoked to have the travelling couple in Kaunas earlier this Autumn – the bloggers spent a weekend here and have already told their readers all about it. A trip like that is now effortless to plan and convenient for the residents of Warsaw and other cities in Poland, as LOT offers direct flights to Kaunas.

The bloggers spent their first day in Kaunas on a guided tour that included an introduction to the modernist architecture, discovering the local street art gems Yard Gallery and George Maciunas square, visiting the M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art, Soboras church and the Christ’s Resurrection Basilica for a splendid panorama of the city.

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The Yard Gallery is a great place for selfies. Picture by Poszli-Pojechali


A kaunastic view from the Žaliakalnis hill! Picture by www.instagram.com/poszlipojechali

A guided tour of the Old Town occupied the Sunday morning; Tatiana and Michał also had the chance to explore the baroque Pažaislis monastery and Monte Pacis hospitality complex inside it. Monte Pacis was also the location of the couple’s fancy final dinner in Kaunas. Višta Puode, a place your grandmother would be proud of, Uoksas, a creative playground of one of the best culinary teams in the country, and beer lovers paradise Hop Doc were also in the gastronomic route of the travellers. But that’s just names of the places – let’s hear what Tatiana and Michał have to say after a short yet intense visit to Kaunas. It was the bloggers’ second visit to Lithuania – they had been to Vilnius, the capital, before.


The bloggers tried potato pancakes in Višta Puode. This is what keeps us going during the cold months, guys! Picture by www.instagram.com/poszlipojechali

Hey guys! Let’s start with the easy questions. Three words that would describe your weekend in Kaunas are...

Art. Food. History

Did you break any stereotypes while in Kaunas?

Yes, about modern Lithuanian cuisine. Many articles we had read before our trip describe traditional Lithuanian cuisine, but there is not that much to learn about the efforts of Lithuanian chefs to present it differently. We were glad to discover that so many Lithuanian restaurants are in the White Guide (and three of them in Kaunas). And the coffee was also excellent!


Many more snapshots of Uoksas and other gastronomic stops can be found at the Poszli-Pojechali blog. Picture by www.instagram.com/poszlipojechali.

Which part of the city seemed the most interesting for you?

Difficult question! We had a great guide that really loves Kaunas – every part of the route was full of historical facts, hints, e.g. Old Town (many histories that create the city story), Nemunas Island – a great place near the city centre, to organise events, relax, spend time with friends 

What souvenirs did you bring back home?

Different types of cheese, rye bread (we love it!!!), ceramic tile from Antanas Martinaitis art school (they were adorable, we are going to make a fridge magnet out of it as a reminder of this weekend), a Kaunas street art guide and some coffee beans. We didn’t manage to bring home the cottage cheese bars in chocolate. Tatiana is addicted to them and ate all of them on our way to the hotel.

In your Instagram stories, we noticed you tried some craft ales! Which pub was that? Maybe even more than one? How did you like the local bars?

We tried craft beers in Kultūra, Hop Doc and rePUBlic. We loved the choice of beers in Kultūra very much (and the atmosphere of the place). The food pairing in Hop Doc was lovely – with ready to order sets that help clients to make a decision.


Kultūra is located at the Kaunas Picture Gallery. Picture by www.instagram.com/poszlipojechali

Top three spots to grab a snack?

Well, we didn’t visit enough places to declare the top three, but… Tatiana was fond of the bakeries and cafés. The coffee was perfect, and the sandwiches and cakes were delicious (or looked delicious, we weren’t able to try them all). The burgers from Hop Doc were good. And Tatiana is in love with their French fries with Parmigiano and truffles.


That's the Hop Doc burger... Picture by www.instagram.com/poszlipojechali

Top three locations for best pictures?

Christ’s Resurrection Basilica, Aleksotas viewpoint and Simonas Daukantas bridge that leads to the Nemunas island.

What similarities to Poland did you notice in Kaunas? Maybe you found some historical connections with your country while in Kaunas?

The history of our two countries that was crossing throughout the centuries, the historical figures that impacted the shared history and, of course, cultural connections, like Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis (we’ve recently published a list of reasons you should explore the art of Čiurlionis – Kaunastic). 

Did you receive some immediate reactions from your followers, maybe they had some questions about Kaunas?

Yes, we had positive responses from people that had been in Kaunas and reminded themselves what a wonderful time they had. We also had some replies from people that are planning to visit Kaunas and were waiting for our posts with tips, addresses and pictures to be inspired.


That's one of the most instagrammed murals in the city! Done by Vytenis Jakas. Picture by www.instagram.com/poszlipojechali

Do you always travel together? What are the benefits of travelling as a couple as opposed to solo travelling or bigger groups?

Almost all the time with a few exceptions. We divide chores and share our impressions and experience. We discuss what we observe and have two pairs of eyes (four including cameras) instead of one! We are able to catch and preserve different angles of the places we are visiting. We don’t really like travelling in big groups. It forces us to keep the schedule of the visit instead of some spontaneous moves during the day that let us discover some hidden gems of cities we visit.


Tatiana's and Michał's weekend in Kaunas was sponsored by Kaunas IN. 


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