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Autumn Adventures in Kaunas (Ideas for Photogenic Walks)

Who doesn’t like to play with the leaves that have just left the tree branches? Yet another reason we love the fall season is the panoramas and secret places it reveals.

Don’t you simply love autumn for its earthly colours and shadow plays? Also, who doesn’t like to play with the leaves that have just left the tree branches? Yet another reason we love the fall season is the panoramas and secret places it reveals – the ones we have totally forgotten about during the warm months.

Parodos kalnas

rudeneja is aukstai

Photos by Andrius Aleksandravičius

This autumn, put on your hiking shoes, prepare a generous amount of warm tea, charge your phone and follow one of the kaunastic routes available digitally at www.kaunastika.lt.

Alternatively, follow the recommendations of our beloved photographer Andrius Aleksandravičius and a very talented guide Neringa Daniulaitienė. Both of them love both Kaunas and autumn!

Picture-friendly places

Andrius Aleksandravičius and his gear are all over the place – the photographer knows more exciting routes than an average Kaunasian, to say the least. Interestingly, his number one place for autumn photoshoots is Laisvės alėja and its linden trees. Make sure to get there before the leaves are swept off!

Another great place for picturesque hikes is Ąžuolynas, the most giant urban oak grove on the continent. We always use drone shots of Ąžuolynas as our desktop backgrounds.

The third must-visit place this autumn is, according to Andrius, the majestic Pažaislis monastery complex. Its beauty formula consists of much more than the impressive baroque complex; the significant part of the glory is the nature that surrounds the architecture. You’re welcome to extend your hike by the shores of Kaunas Lagoon.

pazaislis rudeni

Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius

Kaunas as a Painting

Neringa Daniulaitienė, a tour guide with a particular interest in traces of literature and other forms of art, suggests you start your autumn walk at the Evangelical and Reformed Church on E. Ožeškienės street. The modernist building was designed by Latvian architect Karolis Reisonas, the author of Christ’s Resurrection Basilica. You might have heard that, but did you know about the secret stairs next to the church? They’ll take you to Žaliakalnis and show you the way to the historic Pelėdų kalnas (Owls hill), known for spectacular panoramas. The most excellent view is from the house-museum of sculptor Juozas Zikaras, recently refurbished and finally open for visitors.

nuo peledu kalno

Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius

Magnificent views await when you’re ready to go back to downtown Kaunas. Neringa Daniulaitienė reveals she always takes her guests to the yard of Lithuanian Radio on S. Daukanto street. From there, you can see the best side of Pažanga and Pienocentras buildings, two of the many modernist architecture examples in Kaunas.

Another must-visit stop for autumn lovers is the bridge in Panemunė, revealing the beauty of the season – accompanied by the sentimental sound of trains passing by. The guide also suggests you keep in mind the summery places, such as the Kaunas Reservoir, that usually offer completely new yet stunning experiences in the colder months.

Our recommendations

Stop at house 101 in Laisvės Alėja and visit the courtyard to discover the fantastic example of Gothic sacral architecture, the Church of St. Gertrude. It has a magnificent shrine of candles which is right next to the most natural painting of Kaunas. Check out the picture to see what we mean…

Sv. Gertrudos baznycios siena

Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius

The final recommendation for October walks in Kaunas is the Tranquility Park in the centre of the city. The former city cemetery once accepted believers of various faiths and is still home to the only brick-and-mortar mosque in the Baltic states and two orthodox churches. Recently, murals inspired by the multilayered history of Kaunas appeared around the park, which makes it even more interesting to visit on a foggy day.

ramybes parkas rudeni

Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius


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