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Five Kaunastic Restaurants Among Lithuania’s Best

Let’s see where we will be eating our next important dinner.

After concluding the votes of members of the Good Food Academy, the annual list of 30 Best Restaurants in Lithuania was drawn up. The first place according to all criteria in 2019 rating, was attributed to the chef Martynas Praškevičius and his restaurant Džiaugsmas in Vilnius – the same as last year. Congrats! There are five kaunastic spots in the top 30 – let’s see where to book our tables next.




Dia, a restaurant favourited by the BC Žalgiris Kaunas athletes, is back to the top 30 and is rated #12. Momo Grill, a steak house serving fantastic brunch, opened by a team from Klaipėda, has secured #15. Right below them is Nüman, a beautiful place on the border between the Old Town and New Town of Kaunas (this restaurant is already on holidays, so you’ll have to wait for autumn to eat there).



Momo Grill




#17 is Monte Pacis, an exquisite restaurant located at the baroque Pažaislis monastery – it’s part of a hospitality complex, so we recommend spending the whole weekend there for the full experience. 30 is uoksas, favourited by Scandinavian guests of Kaunas and well known for its playful seasonal cuisine, as well as generous weekend brunch options.



Monte Pacis




Who decides who’s the best?

This project is continuous and aims at bringing together as much as possible the circle of experts in food and drink for a united vote, which will eventually become a starting point for following the map of Lithuanian gastronomy and its changes. In total, over 100 representatives of the world of gastronomy participate in the voting of 30 Best Restaurants: Lithuanian chefs, foreign chefs working in Lithuania, restaurant owners, industry bloggers and journalists, sommelier and other gastronomy experts.

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