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From Culture Rides to Interwar Apartments: Authentic Experience Awaits in Kaunas, the European Capital of Culture

Liberty Avenue, M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum, and the Old Town – wondering what else to see in Kaunas?

The organizers of “Kaunas 2022” invite those who have already visited the most important spots, exhibitions, and events to peek through the keyhole and see the city in a new light.  Discover the most delicious coffee, uncover the legends lurking in the city and see how apartments in Kaunas looked like between the wars. Experiential accommodation, meetings with locals and unprecedented history of the city – all this and much more – in the impressive hospitality programme “Experience Kaunas”.

Patirk Kauna

The unique programme offers to get to know the city through authentic experiences: morning in a historical apartment, a non-traditional tour led by a local and a trip carried out by a driver who can give some useful bits of advice. “We want our visitors to feel the beauty of Kaunas and to find the city’s hidden gems in numerous streets or districts, known only by locals. This is a great opportunity to look at the city through a magnifying glass”- promise the curators of the programme.

To wake up in historical apartments: corded telephone, vintage dishes, and a panoramic view of Kaunas

Records of interwar music slowly rotating in a gramophone, rooms drowning in Art Deco perfume and a cup of coffee, enjoyed while looking at the panoramic views of Kaunas… “I hoped that it would be good, but I didn’t expect it to be so extraordinary”, tell those who tried accommodation in tailor-made “Experience Kaunas” apartments. 

patirk Kauna apartamentai

This experiential stay will stand out from the usual overnight stays in modern hotels. Carefully thought-out interior details, such as corded telephones, books of the era or authentic furniture will help to touch, see, and smell the atmosphere of the specific period. Visitors can choose from several places to stay: a modernist villa designed by an interwar architect, a 70's-style apartment in Žaliakalnis or an interwar-style villa in Panemunė district.

Choose the desired room and start the time travelling – the authentic apartments will bring you to different historical periods of the city.

Go where the locals go

“Experience Kaunas” also offers services of Culture Hosts – locals, determined to show their hometown.  All of them went through special training and chose the topics which they would like to share with the visitors. More than 200 people from Lithuania and abroad have already enjoyed the special tours. If you have already seen the main tourist attractions of the city, it is time to descend into unexplored urban areas. Culture Hosts are ready to talk about street art, reveal the secrets of various districts and even explore some tunnels and dungeons. Through the eyes of those who know the city inside out, Kaunas will reveal its lesser-known side, while you will get some useful tips for the evening activities. 

“Probably the most fun part is to see how surprised people get when they hear previously unknown facts. I also enjoy socializing and sharing knowledge and my passions. Kaunas is my hometown, so I can talk about it from the perspective of a local,” says Povilas, who invites visitors to wander around the Kaunas Castle and see the city's churches up close. The Culture Host, who is studying history says that the hospitality programme is used by both Kaunas residents and people from other Lithuanian cities or abroad. For example, a group from an Estonian school will come to explore the city with Povilas in the upcoming days. The young man says that the friendships do not end immediately after the tour: “With one of my guests we talked about Kaunas Žalgiris team, with the others – shared some tips of travelling. These tours are a kind of exchange, which makes us grow and learn something new.”

Kaunas 2022 patirk Kauna

Travelling around accompanied by a real connoisseur of Kaunas culture

“Experience Kaunas” also thought about guests who have less time, but no less desire to familiarize themselves with the city. The organizers of “Kaunas 2022” offer everyone willing to see places unreachable by foot to try a private tour by car together with a gourmet of Kaunas culture. From culture enthusiasts and artists to photographers – local drivers with different backgrounds are ready to share important advice and stories.

kulturos soferiai Kaune

“Kaunas 2022” events continue, and the upcoming summer will bring more concerts, exhibitions, and performances than ever before. Thus, the hospitality programme is becoming more and more relevant.

“The beauty of Kaunas reveals not only in the most famous tourist attractions or buildings.  It is often necessary to look for cultural gems in lesser-known details. We thought it is best to get to know the city through the experiences of locals. They can talk not only about the architecture of Kaunas but also about the life of Kaunas residents. Thanks to these people, the real, original, and authentic spirit of the city will open to our guests”, – tells Marija Pulokaitė, the Curator of the Hospitality Programme.

Kulturos soferiai Kaunas 2022www.kaunas2022.eu 

 Photo by: M. Plepys


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