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Kaunas at Night: Ideas for Love Birds and Party Animals

Party animals and romance lovers will find a handful of valuable tips in this guide to Kaunas at night. The most kaunastic nocturnal spot is revealed here!

Where do live music fans flock at night, and where are the hippest DJs at? Where’s the best place to watch the sunset or the falling stars? Party animals and romance lovers will find a handful of valuable tips in this guide to Kaunas at night.

Sunset magic

We love the compactness of Kaunas, which means you can enjoy a matcha latte in a stylish downtown bar, and, in 15 minutes or so, say hello to your yacht captain, who will invite you for a sunset session. The kaunastic and very romantic experiences are to be found in the Kaunas Lagoon, the artificial lake next to the impressive Pažaislis monastery. Its baroque shapes are even prettier during the golden hour. Sunset cruises start at 7 pm every Thursday, more info here.

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Photo by Party Cruiser


Another great place for fans of the water element, who also love sunsets, is Lampedžiai. Here you can also master a new trick as the sun goes down, as there’s a wakeboard park on the lake. Of course, you can also relax and enjoy your dinner at the Lampada Beach Bar.

In Žaliakalnis, at the very end of Žemaičių Street, a guesthouse called Very Bad Hootel built an observation deck overlooking the Neris River, Vilijampolė and Šilainiai. The cosy playground invites you to sit comfortably and unwind after a busy day.

If you want to see the city lights coming on, we’ll meet you on Milikoniai Hill at dusk. It’s a long-term favourite of locals, with a panorama that reveals the Vilijampolė neighbourhood and beyond.

And perhaps the most romantic place of all is where the Nemunas and the Neris rivers meet, where, according to legend, our city was born. The confluence of Lithuania’s great rivers is beautiful at any time of the year or day, but what’s fascinating is that it’s to the west that the father of our rivers flows, so it’s at sunset that special moments happen.

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kaunas vakare nakti06

Photos by Andrius Aleksandravičius

For midnight athletes and party animals

Many people are looking forward to the completion of the reconstruction of the Lithuanian Zoo – but we know for sure that you’ll find dozens of party animals, not dangerous at all when you go out for a night of partying in the centre of Kaunas or the old town.

From the visually stunning terrace Laukas and other bars surrounding Soboras to the bustling Town Hall Square, you’ll find 2.4 kilometres of nocturnal adventures. Fans of lively, experimental music and art prefer Teatro Kiemas, Godo, or the legendary gallery bar Kultūra. At the same time, DJs equipped with hip playlists can be found in many other bars.

vytenio sidabro laukas koncertas

Laukas. Photo by Vytenis Sidabras


The iconic dance music club Lizdas is on holiday for the summer but has already informed its fans that on August 18th, those desperate for a quality party should arrive at the wakeboard park Vanduo Marse (Water on Mars), located some 15-minute drive from the centre of Kaunas.

Those staying in the city will be glad to know that Hogas and Lemmy said ‘no’ to vacation this season. These are places preferred by fans of heavier tunes and riffs.

Cinema under the stars

Every summer, Romuva cinema organises screenings in various outdoor spaces in Kaunas. This year is no exception. The historic cinema on Laisvės Avenue is, of course, open all year round, but those in need of a romantic open-air experience can meet at the courtyard of the National Kaunas Drama Theatre, where the most exciting arthouse films are shown several times a week.

romuvos lauko kinas

Photo by M. Plepys


In addition, the cultural bar O kodėl ne? (its events fit well in the party animal section!) in Šančiai offers free screenings of the hits of the Scanorama festival repertoire on Tuesdays. The Marina Taste Gallery at the Kaunas Yacht Club also organises free film nights on weekends.

Nights in Kaunas Forts

The Kaunas Fortress, or a ring of fortifications surrounding Kaunas, is a perfect reason to visit for military history enthusiasts, nature lovers and researchers in many other fields. After dark, more opportunities exist to explore this unique 19th-century urban structure that influenced the city’s development and growth. Night excursions are organised in the First Fort, where traces of the Beast of Kaunas can be found, as well as in the Fourth Fort, while the fortress’s gunpowder storehouse in Šančiai often hosts art and music events that last until late or even dawn. For more information, please contact the staff of the Kaunas Fortress Park, the institution that takes care of the military heritage.

DSC 1016

Installation at First Fort. Photo by Kaunas Fortress Park


No more counting dollars; we’ll be counting stars

This year, the peak of the Perseid meteor shower is active between July 17th and August 24th, with the peak on the night of the 12th and before dawn on the 13th. City lights make it a bit complicated to enjoy, but the great news is that plenty of ancient mounds in the Kaunas District are just a short drive away. Also, Neveronys Lookout and Netoniai Hill are great for astronomy fans. You’ll be able to see up to 90 meteors per hour looking northeast if you’re lucky.

P.S. The most kaunastic nocturnal spot awaits at the very heart of the city, in the sculpture garden of Vytautas the Grear War Museum. Street artist Morfai added a starry contemporary touch to the interwar sculpture by Bernardas Bučas.

kaunas vakare nakti01

Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius


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