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Kaunas celebrates its birthday: join the kaunastic three-day bash!

We know, it’s hard to remember dates. Especially, birthdays, especially, from the other century. So let's not bother with that. Let’s meet in Kaunas on May 26-28 and celebrate the city's birthday together.


6.20 Kiemu svente Linas Zemgulis 24

Photo by Linas Žemgulis.


Don't miss out on the chance to experience a Kaunastic weekend! Here are some of the activities we highly recommend to experience.




On May 26, Laisvės Avenue (Laisvės alėja) will be adorned with white tablecloths, abundant feasts, and the delightful buzz of neighbourhood conversations—the Courtyard Festival is back! This celebration will not only foster friendship, camaraderie, and good neighbourliness but also commemorate the birthday of the city of Kaunas!

This celebration is co-created by each and every participant. There will be no table registration this year, so once you have arranged for a table, chairs, white tablecloths, tasteful decorations, and community paraphernalia (if you have any), make your way to secure the most coveted spot in the middle of Laisvės Avenue, between Maironis Street and St. Michael the Archangel's Church. If choosing becomes a challenge, our volunteers will be there to offer guidance. The preparations will begin at 17:00.

Don't have a table? Not a problem! The tables at the cafes, restaurants, and bars in the heart of Laisvės Avenue eagerly await your presence. Join in and be a part of this important occasion!

As an environmentally friendly festival, the organisers kindly request that you refrain from using plastic dishes. Let's celebrate with sustainable choices!

Everyone will be intoxicated by the spirit of friendship, fellowship, and captivating performances, so it's best to leave alcohol at home.


The Courtyard Festival program offers a vibrant lineup of activities that will greet participants with a diverse range of entertainment. Live music performances will fill the air, captivating the audience with melodious tunes and infectious rhythms. Dance performances will enchant spectators with graceful movements and expressive choreography, showcasing various styles that span the spectrum of artistic expression. Theatre and street performances will ignite the imagination, bringing stories to life through captivating acts, mesmerising mime acts, and engaging improvisational theatre. Workshops and demonstrations will provide interactive experiences, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in creative pursuits, learn traditional crafts, and try their hand at various artistic techniques. The Courtyard Festival's diverse program ensures there is something for everyone to enjoy, fostering a sense of cultural appreciation and community engagement.


The event is free and open to everyone who loves Kaunas and their neighbours.


7.20 Kiemu svente Martynas Plepys 19Courtyard Festival. Photo by Martynas Plepys.


CELEBRATE THE RIVER! | Cultural Route Along the Rivers


The "Celebrate the River!" boat trip, which has already become a tradition, invites everyone to enjoy the rivers, creativity, and togetherness. During the event, live music will flow along the Nemunas and Neris, while the riverbanks will entice with performances, educational activities, and active pursuits.

The event is open to all who love rivers and surprises. The organisers invite everyone to celebrate the river with kayaks, rafts, boats, or other watercraft (maybe even something unique?). They encourage those who don't have their own equipment to reserve a kayak here.

The route is friendly to cyclists and pedestrians, who are invited to visit cultural stops along the riverbanks. Registration for the guided tour is available here.


The activities will take place on May 27, from 10:00 to 16:00

 sveskime upe




For the seventh year in a row, on the last Saturday of May, all roads, paths and sidewalks will lead to Putvinskis street. Impeled by the restrictions of the pandemic we played, explored the details of the street and the courtyards individually, but the time has come to return to the street full of creative bustle.


This year, Putvinskis Street Day will invite you to join more than 10 workshops, excursions and other creative activities, to explore the hidden corners of the street in already loved playful formats, and to find yourself surrounded by unexpected artistic actions. The day will be crowned by a poetry SLAM, which will be held in the open air for the first time this year!


The event activities will take place in public V. Putvinskio st. spaces, KAH and partner premises. An Infocenter will be located near the Kaunas Artists' House, which will provide information about the activities of the event as well as all of the events of the festive weekend in Kaunas.


Activities will take place on May 27, from 12:00 to 18:00.


Putvinskio gatves diena Gerdos Zemaitytes nuotr2.14 Putvinskis Street Day. Photo by Gerda Žemaitytė.




The Kite Festival, which is taking place in the Nemunas Valley, next to the Old Zapyškis Church, for the 18th time, changed its status last year from a republican festival to an international festival, and in 2023 one of the biggest events in Kaunas District will continue to impress with its world-class programme. The Kite Festival will be crowned by the premiere of Circo Aquilone (Kite Circus), a circus show created by the famous Italian director Roberto Magro especially for this event.

Activities will take place on May 27, from 14:00 to 22:30.


Aitvaru festivalis Zapyskyje organizatoriu nuotr 3




This grand city event offers a wide range of historical and cultural activities, performances by Lithuanian and foreign artists, and other engaging and attractive events. 


The intersection of Vilniaus and M. Valančiaus streets will host the Tourism Street, where residents can familiarise themselves with the latest tourism trends, news, and attractions of the upcoming tourist season. They can also interact with employees from various tourism information centres and learn about the city’s image innovations.


Over three days, Kaunas will resonate with the sounds of more than ten performances, catering to music lovers of all ages and tastes. At Santaka Park, on the main music stage, popular Lithuanian and international artists and bands will perform songs, musical improvisations, and DJs will create rhythms.

GJan, Jessica Shy, Linas Adomaitis with Kaunas Big Band, Garbanotas group, Kamanių šilelis, Baltasis kiras, and others will create a festive atmosphere.


Kaunas will be greeted with a project called “Someone Like You – The ADELE Songbook” from the UK, and the positive trio “3Live Project” from neighbouring Latvia.


Kaunas native and electronic music luminary Ten Walls will perform in a duet with Swedish vocalist Jonatan Bäckelie at his hometown celebration.


The true culmination of the party will be Norwegian Tungevaag, currently ranked in the top 100 DJs in the world. More about it.


Putvinskio gatves diena Gerdos Zemaitytes nuotr2.1Photo by Gerda Žemaitytė.

Based on information from the organisers.




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