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Kaunas on a Bike (Routes, Tips and More)

Plan a romantic trip for two, a family challenge or a scenic route along the Kaunas Fortress – it never gets boring.

One can practice biking in Kaunas all year long – with proper tyres and clothes, of course. Truth is, most people wait until the weather gets warm enough to enjoy their bicycles – we do that, too! In fact, the orange bikes by CityBee reminded us that the biking season has already started. If you prefer riding in good weather, too, this article might be of use – we hope you enjoy the scenic routes suggested below.

dviraciai kaune0001

Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius

The romantic way

LIKE BIKE is the name of the bicycle revolution in Kaunas. In fact, it’s a whole new page in the history of our city. Kaunas is aiming to become the first 100% bike-friendly city in the Baltics. There’s always a new bike path around the corner. The project also includes various exciting routes – the romantic one is one of our favourites!

When riding this route, you will enjoy the majestic Pažaislis monastery, the pine grove surrounding it, and the yacht club by the Kaunas Reservoir. Consider a picnic if the weather permits. The route is 3 km long and perfect for a date during a lunch break or after work. If you discover this route in the summertime, remember there are two official beaches by the artificial lake. Oh, you can also book a sunset cruise and continue the date on water.

cycling for romantics

The family ride

This one is too picturesque to describe! The 13-kilometre-route takes you from the Old Town to the Panemunė pinewood along the river Nemunas. The reward includes a beach volleyball field, cosy spaces for a picnic, a children playground and much more.

cycling for families

The weekend challenge

The city of Kaunas is surrounded by its district, full of lush nature, beautiful towns and villages. This route invites you to discover the beauty of the river Nemunas and the historical towns of Kačerginė and Zapyškis. If you take the 20-km-trip after the first Sunday of May, you can bike a little further (there’s no bike path, though) to Pavilkijys and take a ferry to the other side of Nemunas, Vilkija. From there, you can bike back to Kaunas via Kulautuva, a resort town. There’s also a small ferry from Zapyškis straight to Kulautuva.

The inverse version of the route starts in the Old Town of Kaunas and reaches Kulautuva.

cycling weekend challenge

Around the Kaunas Fortress

While you can make it in one day if you choose the route described above, the one around the Kaunas Fortress might be too challenging for that. Connecting the ‘dots’ – the nine forts around Kaunas – means 65 km of cycling. Why not rest in one of the hotels in Kaunas after you reach the Fifth Fort? You’ll only have to ride another 25 km the next day. We suggest you start the route in the Ninth Fort. Find more historical objects of the 19th-century-fortress in the special map in the It’s Kaunastic series (click here for the digital version).

In fact, the It’s Kaunastic series is a great place to plan a bicycle trip of your choice. We offer maps of modernist architecture, street art, nature miracles, places excellent for kids, filming locations etc. You can either check the maps online or visit us at the Kaunas In Tourism Information Centre in the Kaunas Town Hall (Rotušės a. 15). Don’t forget to tag your impressions on social media with #kaunastic!

dviraciai kaune0000

There's even a biker sculpture in Kaunas! Find the piece of art by Kęstutis Balčiūnas on Vilniaus Street. Photo by A. Aleksandravičius

Useful information

Mobile bike service in Kaunas
Velostreet-Vasarė bike shop-service

Bike rental

CityBee (across the city)
Babilonas Hotel (from May 1st)
Kaunas Bike (from April 15th at I. Kanto g. 19-1 and selected hotels)

Title photo by A. Aleksandravičius


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