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Kaunas Welcomes Families Looking for Active Leisure

Looking for a travel destination that is balanced for the whole family? Kaunas, Lithuania is the perfect choice!

Looking for a travel destination that is balanced for the whole family? Kaunas, Lithuania is the perfect choice! Located at the confluence of two rivers, this city is home to green parks with playgrounds for children, long bike paths, restaurants with kid menus, and different institutions that always think of their youngest audience. Moreover, the temperatures seldom rise above 30 degrees, which makes it a pleasant summer destination. 

playgrounds photo A. Aleksandravicius

Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius


Outdoor adventures


The centre of Kaunas is set in a valley surrounded by rivers and hills. After a stroll along Laisvės Avenue, a delicious Angolo Italiano ice cream (you’ll see this ice cream parlour from afar—there’s always a queue), or a photo pose on the Vytautas the Great War Museum, it’s time for a breather in Vienybės Square.

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Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius


The spacious square features fountains, swimming pools, ramps for scooter and skateboard enthusiasts, and greenery. It is surrounded by restaurants and cafés, where it’s fun to watch the children playing on the terraces. The whole family can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner at Goodman, the embassy of burgers. You can entertain yourself here by sitting at a smart table or playing the restaurant’s games.

After the entertainment at Vienybės Square, dive into the world of Kaunas street art. Around you are the city’s iconic street art, including The Pink Elephant, The Star Seeder and others. On E. Ožeškienė Street, discover the unique Kiemo galerija (Yard Gallery), constantly updated with new ideas.

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Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius

Aleksoto funikulierius 14Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius


The artistic district of Žaliakalnis is also a must-see. If you visit Kaunas on weekdays, you will be transported uphill by a historical funicular. On other days, you’ll have to climb it yourself, and Kaunas’ many staircases, which open up new panoramas, are another fun adventure. For example, the top landing of the Kaukas staircase offers colourful fountains and, if you’re lucky, a brass band concert.

Žaliakalnis also has Oak Wood Park, a natural forest, and Lithuania’s oldest and largest zoo, recently opened after reconstruction. Now, it’s not just exotic animals but also a realm of flora that gives the impression of a desert or jungle.

Lithuanian Zoo Kaunas

Photo by Lithuanian Zoo


Anyone wishing to explore nature in depth is always welcome at the VMU Botanical Garden in Kaunas. It offers not only collections of blooming flowers but also something nice for the little ones to discover. The elves live in old stumps and at the roots of trees. Look closely to find their houses—all of them are unique, each presenting the story of a different little inhabitant.

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Photo by VMU


Active Leisure


Enthusiasts have calculated that Kaunas has about 140 km of bike paths, so bicycling is a perfect way to explore the city (here is the path map). If you like longer distances, you can cycle to the picturesque resort towns of Kulautuva or Kačerginė in Kaunas district.

If you’re not into cycling, there are always boats at your service - after all, Kaunas is a city born at the confluence of two rivers. You can take a boat to the surrounding towns or sail in the Kaunas Lagoon. The Kaunas IN Tourist Information Centre will provide all the route information and prices.

boat trips at Kaunas lagoon.

Photo by Laivonuoma.lt


Water enthusiasts are welcome in the swimming pools of Kaunas, meaning the classic Girstutis or the brand new Žalgiris Arena pool, which serves excellent nature views from the showcase windows.

On sunny days, head to either the Kaunas Lagoon or Lampėdžiai. The latter is a popular place for relaxing and swimming, and the nearby wakeboard park Wake Up and UNO Adventure Park are a real attraction for little climbers. In UNO, there are 5 slopes with 100 events, and the total length of the adventure park’s slopes is more than 1.5 km.

Lampedis beach A. Aleksandravicius

Lampedis beach A. Aleksandravicius 2

Photo by A. Aleksandravičius


Uno parkPhoto by UNO Park


The stylish wakeboard park Vanduo Marse, located in the Kaunas district near Babtai town, is a resort-like place for riders and those not keen on wakeboarding. It has experienced coaches for all family members, a great restaurant, and even a beach with a swimming pool.

This holiday may be an opportunity to try something new. The Boulder House climbing centre is waiting for both beginners and experienced climbers. Learn about the activity, now an Olympic sport, from scratch, or improve your skills!

Kart racing, or karting, is a great way to get used to the wheel when you’re still too young to borrow your mom’s or dad’s car! Kartlandas is stocked with models designed for kids. Kind instructors are at your service.


It’s Dinner Time


After an active day full of kaunastic experiences, it’s time to treat your tummy. Let’s first go to Spurginė, an authentic doughnut place on Laisvės alėja that has been open for decades, where time seems to stand still. The interior alone deserves a pitstop, but the curd doughnuts are worth trying, too.

Families also love to wind down at the Jurgis ir Drakonas pizzeria - the food is healthy and has plenty to do for everyone. The Talutti chain, with locations all over town, offers an endless variety of flavours from around the world, and the food is tasty and photogenic. And if you’re craving grandma’s food, you can head to the Višta puode trattoria.

Jurgis ir drakonas picosPhoto by Jurgis ir Drakonas

You can also find exciting and tasty lunches and dinners away from the centre. In Vilijampolė, we suggest you visit the food truck-packed Brasta Square. A little further inside the district, three trolleybuses were merged into a cafe equipped with a stage for live music. The venue is called 14 stotelė.

We’ve already mentioned Angolo Italiano, but if it’s not your first time in Kaunas, visit the other ice-cream shops renowned for their quality and taste, such as Archie’s Gelato or Ledainė, founded by two sisters. You’ll get your bubble teas and matcha lattes in several locations. Even more lunch recommendations for the whole family can be found on the special It’s Kaunastic series map for families called Kaukutis.

You can pick up a paper version of the family-friendly Kaukutis map when you arrive in Kaunas or check out the digital map online before your trip. Of course, it’s worth a visit - at Kaunas IN (Laisvės al. 36), the children can colour the paper map themselves, and you can buy fun souvenirs in the meantime.

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Photos by M. Plepys



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