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Kaunastic Discoveries: What’s New in Museums and Galleries?

No matter if it rains or shines, museums and art galleries of Kaunas are waiting for visitors in their new and permanent exhibitions.

No matter if it rains or shines, museums and art galleries of Kaunas are waiting for visitors in their new and permanent exhibitions. Here’s what’s hot in culture map of Kaunas this August; remember it’s mandatory to wear a face mask inside public premises as of August 1. The institutions all offer hand disinfectant upon arrival; please stay safe and keep yourself and others healthy!

06 12 – 08 22
Exhibition “Folk art collection”
Maironis Museum of Lithuanian Literature, Rotušės a. 13

2020 in Lithuania is the Year of Folk Art. The society is encouraged to take a more in-depth look into our nation’s history and the roots of our culture, and at the same time to embrace the value of traditional art and crafts. The exhibition at the literature museum presents sculptures by woodcarvers, various textile artefacts and even wooden shoes, also known as clogs.


Photo by the museum

From 07 06 
Exhibition “Confided memories: people, things and their stories”
Historical Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilniaus g. 33

The exhibition presents the most valuable artefacts donated by people and various organisations during the 15 years of the existence of this institution. The show poses questions and tries to answer them from both the museum and donators’ points of view. What is usually considered to represent a Family Relic? Why do we donate to the museum? Do we still need authentic items-exhibits? Where do the most valuable exhibits come from? Why do we care about the ‘everyday’ history? What constitutes the value of an exhibit?

The material value of donated things may vary substantially: from an expensive gold ring or watch to a tiny prayer book, a carved wooden cross or a religious image. However, their emotional value is immeasurable. The stories of our narrators prove that these items turned into relics not because of their material equivalent but due to their immense emotional-spiritual value related with exceptional memories, events and people. Frequently, these relics go far beyond the family story – they tell about a city, country, or even the entire world.

07 06 paroda pezidenturoje

Pocket watch of Juozas Andriušis. Gift by D. Andriušytė. Photo by the museum

07 12 – 11 11
Exhibition “Four Ways to Fly to the Moon”
Vytautas the Great War Museum, K. Donelaičio g. 16

Baron Munchausen was always in a good mood, knew how to fly on a cannon shell and would always get into the most unbelievable adventures. Everyone knows this literary character, but have you met him in person? The Museum offers just that, together with an introduction to 18th-century warfare. The exhibition is interactive and full of various escapades, just like the life of Munchausen. 

07 12 menuli

Photo by the museum

07 16 – 2021 04 24 
Exhibition “The Great Industry: “Inkaras”
Kaunas Picture Gallery, K. Donelaičio g. 16

The exhibition continues the cycle of research on the industrial past “The Great Industry “initiated in 2017 by the community platform “Backup Stories“, creating a field of attention and memory for the numerous community of former historical factories. All the exhibited objects – unique works and mass-produced products line up on the exhibition equipment, likewise the factory conveyor, which is due to convey an alternative narrative about our history and identity. The story has been created together with the former employees of the “Inkaras” (Anchor) factory, artists and public activists.

As far back as the pre-war years, the historical factory of rubber products “Inkaras” in Kaunas had determined the Lithuanian identity: comfortable rubber goloshes had replaced the ancient national footwear known as ropes and nails. During the Soviet era, the factory supplied a deficit market in Lithuania and fraternal republics with cultish shoes by “Inkaras” thus making a dream of Western sneakers come true. The hunger strike of “Inkaras” employees in 2000 became a significant event in the era of wild privatisation that accompanied the country’s Independence. The exhibition, like its production – rubber footwear, invites you to pace a scarcely trodden path: to discover new colours and senses in the history of the industry – forgotten, erased, denied.

07 16 inkaras

Photo by Kaunas picture gallery

07 25 – 08 30
Exhibition “The Muse of the Greenhouse” 
Kaunas Gallery, Vilniaus g. 2

The exhibition curated by Jana Kukaine (Latvia) presents artists Irena Giedraitiene (Lithuania), Clare Gallagher (Northern Ireland), Jaana Kokko (Finland)  and Elīna Brasliņa (Latvia). The exhibition is built around the notion of the greenhouse and its multiple social, political and economic meanings. It strives to embrace both Soviet legacy and today’s patterns of private gardening, as well as to address the issues of migration of seasonal workers to which the current population of Eastern Europe (including the Baltic states) has been particularly subject to. The exhibition is part of the international project “Woman’s Work”. 

116428891 3088727494498230 5344127049924654217 o

Opening of “The Muse of the Greenhouse”. Photo by Emilija Jonaitytė

08 01 – 08 30
Exhibition “Exoplanet”
Kaunas Picture Gallery, K. Donelaičio g. 16

In the exhibition initiated by “Meno Parkas” gallery, three solo projects by contemporary Lithuanian artists Patricija Gilytė, Linas Liandzbergis and Arturas Valiauga are presented. The name of the show comes from a piece by Gilytė, which consists of a new stop motion animation with candles, created in Klaipėda in 2019. The images born in the seaport’s hangars are based on the movement of light streams in the city, reflections on the water surface and implied cosmic trajectories, which the artist compares to the daily activities of people.

Patricija Gilyte Ekvinokcija K 7392 1

Patricija Gilytė. “Equinox K-7392”

08 06 – 08 31
Exhibition “Echo of an old city”
Kaunas city council Vincas Kudirka public library, Department of youth music and art, A. Mapu g. 18

It’s the fifth solo exhibition of painter Rimvydas Alechnavičius. He tends to capture the smallest details of the past as a photographer. Kids catching pigeons, workers cleaning the streets and other artefacts of lost Kaunas of his childhood are the motifs of the artist’s paintings. The exhibition is held in a cozy department of municipal library, full of books, vinyls and art albums.

08 05 Alechnaviciaus paveikslo fragmentas

Fragment of a painting

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