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Kaunastic Leisure: Catch a Wave of Adrenaline

Kaunasians love gliding with clouds, cognitive diving or a rope jump with an adrenaline rush – all these fun activities can be found in our city.

So you have visited all the recommended museums and have gotten to know the various flavours found in Kaunas, but still, feel the thirst for adrenaline? No problem – Kaunas is full of extreme adventures!

While some travellers want to relax on Lampėdžiai beach and enjoy the pampering sunshine, others do not stop there and try the most extreme entertainment from dawn to dusk. Kaunasians love gliding with clouds, cognitive diving or a rope jump with an adrenaline rush – all these fun activities can be found in our city.

Jump with a rope

Give yourself a free fall from a height of 32 meters from the Trijų mergelių (Three Virgins) Bridge and enjoy a dose of the adrenaline flooding your body! For a jump with certified equipment, an instructor with many years of experience will prepare and explain the safety rules in just a few minutes – all you have to do is stand on the handrail, inhale and jump off. That is an experience for life!


Photo by the organisers

Cognitive diving

Ever wanted to get to know the underwater world and breathe in it as calmly as standing on land? You must try this on this holiday! To see the beauty of Lithuania’s depths, you will have to dive to a depth of 5-7 meters, where unique views will open up – plants which are not seen anywhere else and often surprisingly interesting objects drowned a long time ago.


Photo by the organisers

“Uno Park” Adventure Park

On the beautiful shore of Lake Lampėdžiai, which is especially popular among Kaunas residents, there are five adventure park tracks with 100 matches, which attract huge groups of visitors during the summertime. Anyone thirsty for adrenaline – both a beginner and a professional climber – can enjoy the promising views and experience many unforgettable adventures.

UN 016 2

Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius

Glider pilot flight

Did you know that the longest glider flight in the world lasted even for 28 hours? It may not be possible to replicate these achievements, but we recommend trying it! While reaching a height of 800 meters, you will fly through the clouds together with the whistling of the wind, enjoy the piloting tricks and with the help of an instructor you will be able to control the glider. Isn’t it a kaunastic experience?


Photo by the organisers


Have you got familiar with the surroundings of Kaunas city, but would like to look at it from above? Try a paragliding flight! You will fly with the wind while the wing of the paraglider is above your head and you will see the ground flying under you. Remember to take your camera with you and capture kaunastic moments.


Instead of a daily workout, paintball is just 4 km away from Kaunas city centre in the parking lot! You can enjoy the adrenaline of the game even when it is raining – the playground is installed in a room with artificial lighting and artificial grass cover. Try and feel the thrill of the match!


Photo by the organisers

Kaunas Extreme Sports Club

Getting to know the city streets can be enhanced by the alternatives of conventional vehicles, such as BMX bikes or skateboards. From daily rides in the renewed Vienybės Square in the heart of Kaunas or on the ramps in Santaka Park to extreme sports competitions – everything in one place, where sports representatives are looking forward to new people who are thirsty for adrenaline! Contact them if you are in Kaunas for a more extended stay.


Photo by the organisers



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