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Kaunastic Summer: In and Around the Kaunas Sea

Discover plenty of activities at the Pažaislis Monastery and its surroundings, as well as the Kaunas yacht club and the Kaunas Sea.

While the “real” – Baltic – sea might be a two-hour drive away, the Kaunas Sea, as we like to call it, is right next to the centre of our city. The biggest artificial lake in Lithuania is officially called the Kaunas Reservoir (sometimes, the Kaunas Lagoon, too) and is adored by both active travellers and lazier holidaymakers. In Lithuanian, there’s a saying “we have a sea of time”, which means plenty of it, and, while in Kaunas, why not spend a Kaunas Sea of time chilling and discovering?

Stay in and eat: Monte Pacis
Visit: Pažaislis Monastery
Explore: Pažaislis Forest Trail
Chillax: Party Cruiser

The lake was created in 1959 by damming the Nemunas River near Kaunas and Rumšiškės. It occupies 63.5 square kilometres, which is about 0.1% of the whole territory of Lithuania. The reservoir supports the operations of the Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant.

There are many fascinating objects and landmarks located in regions around the Kaunas Sea, starting with the city’s official beaches conveniently reached by the public transport, and ending with objects of interest tens of kilometres away. A helpful app “Around the Lagoon” can assist you in exploring them. Meanwhile, those who decide to spend their free time in the city can find plenty of activities at the Pažaislis Monastery and its surroundings, as well as the Kaunas “Žalgiris” yacht club.

The magnificent baroque style Pažaislis Monastery complex is one of the most attractive spots for both locals and guests of Kaunas. Today, the monastery is functioning despite many historical events that influenced its routine. It’s home to St. Casimir sisters. They take care of the building and the park, as well as the church and the Sacral heritage museum inside the premises. The monastery is also the base of Pažaislis music festival dedicated to classical music that will return for the 25th time in July.

KM 33

Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius

Part of the monastery is the well-known hospitality complex Monte Pacis. Ran by devoted and enthusiastic hosts, the complex consists of a four-star boutique hotel and an impeccable restaurant. Many of its dishes consist of ingredients grown right here in the monastery garden, while its wine list has received multiple prizes in Baltic Wine List Awards 2020. Valued by Lithuanians wishing to celebrate special occasions and travellers with an eye for exclusive food, the restaurant offers a la carte menu, brunch, a special menu for kids, themed tastings and gastronomic festivities all year round.

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The restaurant's head chef Raimundas Dambrauskas constructed the new summer menu around the tradition of grilling, and, of course, locally grown vegetables. Photo by Monte Pacis

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Photos by Monte Pacis

In Monte Pacis, you can rent a bike and ride away to discover the beauty of the authentic forest surrounding the monastery and the Kaunas Sea. If you prefer walking by foot, the Pažaislis Forest Trail is a must – in just 2 kilometres you’ll discover kaunastic panoramas and have plenty of occasions to chill out. Here’s an insider tip – the trail is most beautiful in early morning hours.

It’s time to visit the yacht club and see what Kaunas Sea has to offer. Birthdays, bachelorette and bachelor parties, as well as any personal or business occasions, can be celebrated on water. Our friends at Party Cruiser, who are into their 11th season at the Kaunas Sea, offer a variety of options for that. Sail, wake, surf and chill could be their motto… You can rent a boat packed of fun activities for a celebration or simply sail out to watch a romantic sunset with a loved one or a group of friends – the company offers nine boats and a handful of routes varying in length and number of sightseeing spots.

For example, you can hop on a boat which will take you on a tour to Žaisos bay, also called by Royal Peacock bay. You will be sailing by Pažaislis Monastery, as well as Pakalniškės hill fort and Girionys – an area filled with nature. Once you get to the bay on the other side of the lagoon, you’ll have time to take a stroll next to Žaisos stream eventually finding a famous tiny waterfall.

The Party Cruiser speedboat is made especially for water sports. A suspension rope is attached high up on a wake tower; hence, newbies manage to find their balance easier while ones with experience can jump higher. Another water sports option available is wakesurfing. The company’s newest toy, Sunseeker, offers an open-air terrace and an indoor hall that can fit up to 30 persons and provide a kaunastic time.

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All photos by Party Cruiser

The spot of Party Cruiser located at the yacht club is always open for anyone who wants to say hello and find out more.

The yacht club itself, which is almost as old as the Kaunas Sea (thanks to the crazy windsurfers back in the days who convinced the big guys to build it) offers yacht parking, 24-hour security, a motel, a restaurant, a cafe, camping services and tennis courts. 

UN 066

Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius

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