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Lithuania is Reintroducing Nationwide Quarantine

The lockdown will last at least until November 29.

In view of the Covid-19 epidemiological situation, the Lithuanian government decided to put the whole territory Lithuania under quarantine for the second time this year, starting November 7. The lockdown will last at least until November 29.

– Facemasks are mandatory in all public places, including on the street. Masks are not required for children under six, during exercise, and outside urban areas where distances of at least 20 metres can be maintained.
– Gyms, swimming pools, SPA centres, museums, cinemas, and theatres will be closed.
– Sporting events are allowed to be held only without spectators.
– Restaurants and cafes are only allowed to serve food to take away.
– No restrictions are imposed on supermarkets and pharmacies. Other retailers must manage client flows, maintaining 10 square metres per customer.
– Hairdressers, beauty salons and tattoo parlours can remain open, but are required to manage client flows.
– People are advised to avoid contacts outside their households. 
– People must not gather in public places in groups bigger than five people, unless they are members of the same household. Groups must maintain at least 2-metre distances and avoid physical contact.
– Public transport operators must ensure that at least 1-metre distance is maintained.
– No more than 10 close family members are allowed to attend occasions like funerals and weddings.
– Moving around the country is allowed, but people are recommended to avoid unnecessary travel.

For rules for entering Lithuania for foreign citizens, testing and self-isolation, please check the up-to-date official page of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania.

Stay safe and reasonable!



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