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Meet the new Players of the Kaunas Medical Tourism Market

Today, 50 percent of Fi Clinica’s clients are from abroad and their comfortable stay in Lithuania is taken care of from the first phone call to the sendoff at the airport.

The founders of Fi Clinica, one of the largest plastic surgery clinics in the country that opened its doors in Žaliakalnis, near Ąžuolynas, just half a year ago, would like to see Kaunas as a prominent point of medical tourism not only in the region but in the whole of Europe and they have no doubt it has all the prerequisites to become one. Today, 50 percent of the clinic’s clients are from abroad and their comfortable stay in Lithuania is taken care of from the first phone call to the sendoff at the airport.

The founders of Fi Clinica, one of the largest plastic surgery clinics in Lithuania and the Baltic States, are medical and business professionals who call themselves true patriots of Kaunas.

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Photo by Fi Clinica

“Why was this clinic established in Kaunas? First of all, because the founders are Kaunas patriots, who were born here, grew up here, and wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else,” entrepreneur Robertas Jocius smiles. Along with the clinic’s creators highly experienced surgeons Vygantas Kaikaris and Donatas Samsanavičius he has invested 5 million euros in the new clinic, calling it a new stage in Lithuanian plastic surgery.
When asked what he is most proud of in this project, R. Jocius, the shareholder of the clinic, answers without hesitation, “The top-notch highly motivated professionals.”

“It’s enough to look at the psychology of the customer. When do they choose a clinic? When it meets their expectations, when it corresponds to their dreams, solves their problems, can fulfill a specific desire to live and look different. A person becomes our customer when mutual trust appears; when the consumer believes that we are indeed the ones who can best make their dream come true. And such trust can be earned only by personal contact, i.e. staff, and their competence, human qualities, sincerity. These aspects are most important in the medical business – the rest are only complementary.”

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Photos by Fi Clinica

On the other hand, not only the staff of 120 people but the clinic itself has already become the face of a new stage of plastic surgery in Lithuania. The three-story building designed by architect Vilius Adomavičius, covering an area of 2,800 square meters, has 4 operating rooms, 15 wards, and 20 beds. The clinic has the infrastructure that meets the highest European standards, which, according to the shareholders of the clinic, is not that common in Europe yet.

And this is not surprising given that the clinic was established by true professionals in their field, who have a very good understanding of what is needed for a medical institution to be comfortable and attractive to both the consumer and the person working here. The flagship of the project, microsurgeon Vygintas Kaikaris, admits that he had the vision of the clinic for many years and that the gradual understanding of what are the needs of the consumer, the modern market, and this profession in general – so that it could move forward in terms of quality – helped him and Dr. D. Samsanavičius to create a new standard. Plastic surgery is usually more of a craftsmen’s business. Often individual surgeons set up their own small clinics. Meanwhile, the size and innovation of our clinic offer advantages since, primarily, it inspires more confidence in the consumer. It is a cosy place to stay, full service is provided, the whole set of services is received, and the different competencies concentrated under one roof allow the customer to receive a comprehensive consultation and assessment of the situation,” R. Jocius states.

Although the wave of the pandemic in spring postponed the opening of the clinic from March to May and slightly adjusted the business plans, the trend that about half of Fi Clinica’s clients are from abroad has remained. According to R. Jocius, this is an important course in the clinic’s activity, and a lot of attention is paid to attracting clients and ensuring comprehensive service.

Most clients of Fi Clinica come from Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, as well as Norway, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Israel, the USA, and other countries.

“It is not so much the name of our clinic that is known abroad as our specialists, i.e. first and foremost, foreign clients come to a professional who has received excellent recommendations. The matter of personal recommendations is very important in this business, especially for foreign patients who have to fly to a foreign country,” R. Jocius explains.

The clinic provides services of plastic and reconstructive surgery, dentistry, bariatric surgery, dermatology, orthopedics; breast correction and abdominal plastic surgery is still among the most popular surgeries. Patients from abroad try to order an integrated service during one visit so that more could be done in one go. For example, we have a very popular service called Mommy Makeover when both chest correction and abdominal muscle adjustment are done during the same surgery.

High-level professionals who have worked abroad and know several languages and who return to work in Lithuania also contribute to attracting foreign patients. This is exactly how plastic surgeon Justinas Grašys, who has completed his residency and worked in Germany, recently returned to Fi Clinica. It is nice to observe that good specialists not only leave Lithuania but also return to it more and more often, bringing experience, contacts, and a good name with them. Such people help foreign clients to discover not only our clinic but also Kaunas, a city that should start positioning itself as a medical tourism destination, especially, since we have a very strong school here – the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and its well-trained top-level specialists,” R. Jocius says.

According to the businessman, a lot of work now needs to be done for the medical tourism market to work smoothly, “We already have a complete infrastructure in our business. The welcoming of customers, their transportation, accommodation – up to the time of discharge, follow-up, and if necessary, consultations at partner centres in the patient’s home countries. Our common desire and vision are for the foreigner to stay in the country and in the city for as long as possible. It is not uncommon for patients to come for surgeries with people accompanying them, so we try to offer small services for them too, to make their stay pleasant. Finally, we aim for our guests to not only receive medical service but also to have good and pleasant experiences and impressions. It only benefits the city and the country.”

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