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Hotels in Kaunas light up solidarity symbols in their windows

On a late Thursday evening, a code name 4U! could have been seen in the windows of Kaunas Hotels, in an effort to show unity with other European cities in the face of Coronavirus.

e international initiative #Light4U took place on April 16th with an aim to keep the hopes high amidst these challenging times in Kaunas. Uninhabited rooms of Kaunas Hotels had their windows lit up to form a 4U! sign well after the sunset, between 9:30 P.M. and 10:30 P.M.

This idea was born in Budapest, Hungary with a goal to put tolerance and the sense of community into the spotlight. According to the initiators, this symbolic gesture is first and foremost dedicated to all medical personnel and everyone else who continues working and keeps the city running. The idea also emphasizes that this situation has touched us all despite our geographic or economic differences. However even the darkest times come to an end and that shall be the main message behind this initiative.

Ibis Kaunas Centre foto A5. Aleksandravicius 1Hotel "Ibis Kaunas Centre" photo by A. Aleksandravičius.

After receiving a warm invitation to join the initiative from colleagues in Budapest, representatives of “Ibis Kaunas Centre” hotel joined with no hesitation. “The initiative #Light4You – a robust gesture of our unity. Let the light coming from the windows inspire us all to be brave and reach the better days” said Aiste Cistovienė, hotel’s director. She cites J. K. Rowling “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” and sends a hopeful wish – “Let the lights remind us that “Ibis Kaunas Centre” will be waiting for everyone once the situation allows for that to happen and let our unity and efforts help to reach it faster Inn by Radisson Kaunas” hotel also joined the initiative and claims, that throughout these turbulent times, there is nothing more important than the kindness we share with each other. “We are delighted to join the initiative by turning on the lights in the windows of “Park Inn by Radisson Kaunas”. We wish to thank Kaunas residents who stay at home. By doing so, we all help the medics who are unselfishly fighting for saving our lives. We exist because of each other and thus we support the idea of #Light4U. At the same time, we would like to thank our guests and clients, whom we miss dearly. We wait for the day we can once again invite everyone to our renewed, more comfortable rooms” says Jurate Rudiene, director of the hotel.

Park Inn by Radisson Kaunas foto A. Aleksandravicius1Hotel "Park INN by Radisson Kaunas" photo by A. Aleksandravičius.

This symbolic event has no end-date and will continue for as long as Coronavirus consequences will be around, as it is hard to thank enough for those sacrificing for the rest of us every day in any case. The initiators of this idea invite all representatives of Europe’s tourism sector to join at any convenient time, to take a picture after forming a 4U! sign by turning the lights on in the windows, to share it on Your social media channels and add hashtags #Light4Eachother, #Light4U, #Light4You.

Info by Tourism Division of Kaunas City Agency Kaunas IN.


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