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Tasting the Summer’2021 in Kaunas (New Places!)

This Summer is generous with more – bigger, too – terraces in downtown Kaunas, as well as a handful of new restaurants and bars. Discover them before everyone else does!

Spots like the legendary Spurginė or Monte Pacis are often included in the must-visit lists for those visiting Kaunas or passing by. This Summer is generous with more – bigger, too – terraces in downtown Kaunas, as well as a handful of new restaurants and bars. We’ve made some visits and compiled a list of newcomers – discover them before everyone else does!

Everlasting brunch

Brunch culture is thriving in Kaunas; queues in front of spots like Holy Donut, known for delicious bagels and other breakfast delicacies, assure that. And here’s a brave new spot called BōHEME HOUSE. Together with its indescribably beautiful rooms, the boutique guest house offers everlasting brunch. You can have it in your room, the lobby bar or the magnificent terrace. Once you’ve settled down, choose between spinach omelette, peanut butter porridge or a breakfast quesadilla.

boheme lobby

boheme koliazas

Photos by BōHEME HOUSE 

A date by the Kaunas sea

Yacht sails tendered by a soft breeze, blue sky reaching the blue water, lounge music in the background, sunglasses carelessly tossed on the table and a mobile phone tucked deep in your bag. Sounds like holidays by the sea. The Kaunas sea! OK, officially, it’s the Kaunas Reservoir, but the new spot called Marina Taste Gallery makes it feel like an actual seaside. Why not visit it for a refreshment after a day on the water or a long walk in the pine grove? A romantic dinner seems like an occasion, too, or a quick business lunch. Is lunchbreakation an official term now?

marina koliazas

Photos by Marina Taste Gallery

Sing us a song you're the piano man

Piano Piano is a name well known for lovers of Italian tastes in both Kaunas and Vilnius. We’ve spent many kaunastic evenings in the chain’s address at the Town Hall Square and have already fallen in love with the new branch in Nepriklausomybės square. On top of the menu, it offers a perfect Soboras view and a playground for the little ones.

pianno soboras

Photo by Piano Piano

the belgian way 

We’ve certainly missed Belgian cuisine in Kaunas. Located in a Town Hall Square building that dates back to the 16th century, Le Garden Rotušė offers Mussels, Pommes Frites, waffles and a list of 35 brews, some made by the monks. The courtyard alone is worth your time.

le garden collage

Photos by Le Garden Rotušė

A different kind of sanatorium

People go to sanatoriums to feel better. This is another kind of sanatorium, already loved by the party crowd of Vilnius – those preferring the taste of the juniper. The small Sanatorija bar with a generous terrace has just been opened in front of a modernist architecture gem, the Kaunas Central Post Office in Laisvės alėja.

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Photo by Sanatorija. Kaunas

United by smoke

Craft beer lovers have been praising Vingiu Dubingiu, a pub located in a cute blue wooden house in downtown Kaunas, for years now. Its courtyard had been frequented by food trucks of all kinds, and how they have their very own one, focused on all things smoked. Grill on wheels, in other words – and you don’t have to go anywhere.


Photo by Vingiu Dubingiu 


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