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The storm will cover the whole city: from the Oak Park to the Devil Museum

Audra, which broke the standards of the traditional summer festival last year, is returning to Kaunas.

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Once again, the programme of one of the biggest summer festivals will once again take place not in remote forests, but in the most diverse spaces of the city. From 29 June to 2 July, Kaunas will be transformed into one big stormy festival, and people spending a warm summer weekend in Kaunas can look forward to festival action around every corner.


The very first day of the festival will invite you to a free event in a gallery setting. On Thursday, the headquarters of the Berlin-based radio station Refuge Worldwide will be located in M. Žilinskas Gallery terrace. Replacing last year's HÖR radio station, the Berliners are promising an equally colourful launch party, right here at the foot of the Sobor. The Refuge Worldwide event will feature co-founder Richard Akingbehin, Berlin-based British DJ Gramrcy and Lithuanians Aistė Regina and Roe Deers. Throughout the event, you can visit the pop-up gallery that will be open on the spot or join in the nightly auditions of "Inconvenient Films" curated by the young people of "Rising Kaunas".


On Friday, the big focus of the festival will move to the Pergalės factory, the former metal factory. This year, the space, already familiar to the more active party-goers, will change its face, and in addition to music, it will also feature an art installation and a performance. The gloomy industrial environment will be coloured by artists such as Anetha, Hector Oaks, I. Jordan, Loraine James, Ben UFO, Kode9 – Escapology Live, Manfredas, Avalon Emerson, and Loraine James, on both Friday and Saturday night. Buy a ticket here: https://cutt.ly/AUDRA2023-RA


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On Saturday day, the Oak Park will become the area for a big, warm and cosy outdoor party. Surrounded by green vegetation, where you can both take a break and freshen up, two stages will reopen - one for dancing and the other for concerts. The bands YĪN YĪN, Superkoloritas, Kedrostubūr, Afrodelic will perform, while DJ Qu, Simas Slabačiauskas, B. GODSun and the Between Two Dawns team. And when the sun goes down, everything will return to the spacious vaults of Pergalės, where the party will continue until Sunday morning.


For those who are not in a hurry to get to work, the festival will continue on Sunday evening. The festival will say goodbye at the Lizdas club with DJs such as Guy Contact, Bored Lord, Mamiko Motto, Onis and Elboe.


In addition to the above-mentioned music venues, the whole of Kaunas will be teeming with cultural activities and arts all weekend long: a tour through the history of Kaunas nightclubs, a fashion show in the garden of the Musical Theatre, or activities at Kaunas Artists' House.


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These free activities, promotions and events will be found in familiar spaces, but some of them will also be hidden in less explored corners of Kaunas, such as the Devil Museum's impressive-looking courtyard on Putvinskis Street, which is invisible to the naked eye from the street.


The festival is partially supported by Kaunas City Municipality. Buy a ticket here: https://cutt.ly/AUDRA2023-RA


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