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The Tastiest Winter Bites in Kaunas

We checked out which Kaunas bars and cafes offer something festive this winter. It looks like it will take more than one walk!

Gastronomic experiences are an integral part of any good trip, even if it’s just a trip home from your office home or a regular Sunday walk Or maybe a weekend in a city you’ve always dreamt of visiting? Kaunas is amazing when covered in snow, but it’s important to regularly stop for a warm drink in this season. We checked out which Kaunas bars and cafes offer something festive this winter. It looks like it will take more than one walk!

Amazing hot drinks


It has become a tradition to meet every new season with a different coffee - a frappe in summer, a spicy latte in autumn, and something extremely sweet - instagrammable, too - in winter. At the end of 2021, numerous Kaunas cafes have outdone themselves.

Vero Cafe offers a delicious pink collection, while Caffeine believes that celebrations are impossible without the smell of gingerbread cookies. Caif Cafe, in the meantime, will please fans of white Christmas.

caffeine gingerbreadcaifcafe


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The baristas at Green Cafe will draw a cute teddy bear on your cappuccino - and will recommend a fresh coffee pack for your kitchen.

ka vos mneskiukai

green kava

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Chaika also has numerous Christmas offers - not only a cup of fragrant cocoa and a slice of cake for you but also a selection of various kinds of nut butter Sviestas Sviestuotas as a gift idea.


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Outdoor pleasures


European urban customs are gradually taking root in Lithuania. Before, for example, the terrace season started at the end of May and ended in September, and now, the tables of the central cafés can be taken out almost at any time if the weather permits. Well, in winter, the sun may not be enough - but Kaunas has heated terraces! And that opens up new horizons for dinner or a cosy lunch! Just take a look at the terrace of the hospitality complex and restaurant Monte Pacis located in Pažaislis Monastery. This is by far the best solution for a special occasion.

mp ziema 2

ziema pacis

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One of the newest places in the Old Town of Kaunas, BōHEME HOUSE, has just made a bold statement - that’s a heated terrace with hot wine and stunning views.

boheme terasa

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It is best to visit BōHEME HOUSE before or after visiting Kaunas Town Hall Square. The butterfly-decorated Christmas tree is surrounded by dozens of modern-looking Christmas houses that serve curd doughnuts, Belgian waffles, warm drinks, caramelized nuts, cotton candy and other delicacies.

… Although another one on our terrace list is under the roof, it is all glazed, so visiting the panoramic bar of the Magnus Hotel will make you feel like you are in the seventh heaven. So, if there is snow in the forecast, book a table and taste their special winter menu, which includes not only the Lithuanian Christmas Eve special herring and delicious waffles but also chilli soup to keep you warm.

And do you know what Kaunas and Rio de Janeiro have in common? For fans of words and spelling, that’s Panemunė and Ipanema. The new pizzeria, Ipanema, located by the river Nemunas, will take care of you before your walk in the Panemunė pine grove. By care, we mean a cup of hot wine. Soon, the terrace of this cafe will turn into an apres-ski bar!

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If you are in Kaunas for only one day this month, let it be December 18th. The city’s most cultured pub, Vingiu Dubingiu, which just celebrated its 6th birthday, is bringing a bunch of friends to its yard, and the guests, in turn, will get all sorts of delicacies. “Winter Feast in the Yard” will include French and Lithuanian cheeses, hot sauces made in Kaunas, Portuguese drinks and meals prepared in the food truck “Smakas”.



At any time of the year, you should get the legendary kaunastic doughnuts in Laisvės alėja’s Spurginė. Queues here are no less a tradition than the doughnuts themselves. Sugamour will pack beautiful desserts from the special Christmas menu and Holy Donut that offer special red boxes for their devilishly tasty doughnuts.


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And the restaurants of Bernelių užeiga will offer authentic Lithuanian Christmas delicacies - kūčiukai. These are just a few of the many delicious offers - we do not doubt that, when in Kaunas, delicious smells from bakeries and shops will become your guides. Oh, and if you find yourself in Kaunas on a Saturday, let’s meet at the farmers’ market near Kaunas Castle. Bring cash and tote bags!


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