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Top 5 Kaunastic Selfie Spots

Two kaunastic ladies, Ugnė and Raimonda, went on a selfie hunt the other day – here are the results.

Who doesn’t like an occasional selfie while on vacation? Good angle, enough sunshine, cute sunglasses and an instagrammable background is all you need. You’ll never run out of the latter in Kaunas, a city full of great architecture, colourful street art, exciting sculptures and greenery. Two kaunastic ladies, Ugnė and Raimonda, went on a selfie hunt the other day – here are the results and top five locations in Kaunas ideal for your new profile picture!

The Pink Elephant

You might need to queue for this one, as the mural, done by artist Vytenis Jakas, is favourited by newlyweds and their photographers. But it’s worth it. The cute elephant is one of the contemporary symbols of Kaunas. We’ve even made a pin and a fridge magnet out of it – get them in our webshop!

kaunastic selfie0002

The Lions

There is no single Kaunasian who doesn’t have a childhood picture on one of the two lions guarding Vytautas the Great War Museum… The lions relocated to Kaunas in 1937 – count Tiškevičius brought them as a present to the museum. Before, they protected a manor near Biržai. If climbing on top of the lion is not for you, you can always strike a pose next to it!

kaunastic selfie0001

Vienybės Square

Next to the museum (very much worth a visit), there’s Vienybės Square. It was recently redesigned and has already received international attention in the form of awards. It’s a vast yet cosy urban space already loved by Kaunasians of all ages, BMX riders, concert organisers and… posers. We’ve even put up a special kaunastic frame for you.

kaunastic selfie0005


Built in the 19th century for the spiritual needs of Russian orthodox soldiers of Kaunas Fortress, the Byzantine Revival house of worship was converted to a catholic church in the interwar period. Located in a very modernist downtown Kaunas, it stands out – and is perfect not only for selfies but also for meeting your date and chilling on the stairs. You can do all of the above at the same time…

kaunastic selfie0004

Laisvės alėja

… and in front of Soboras (it’s officially called the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, but everyone just says Soboras), there’s more than 1 km of pedestrian boulevard pierced by a lush linden alley. It’s absolutely impossible to ruin a picture here. After you are done with selfies, reward yourself with something tasty at one of the numerous cafe terraces of Laisvės Alėja.

Of course, ideas for photo shoots don’t finish with this list. The number of murals in Kaunas is increasing every day, and then we have the modernist architecture and interiors, renewed Kaunas parks and Gothic masonry in the Old Town… Tag the results of your selfie trip with #kaunastic on Instagram so that everyone can see how photogenic Kaunas is.

kaunastic selfie0003

Model: Ugnė Kerdokaitė
Photos by Raimonda Patapavičienė 


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