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Top Coffee Places in Kaunas (Autumn 2021)

A cup of black coffee, a shot of espresso, a pumpkin latte treat or anything else with caffeine in it – or decaf, if you please? You’re in the right place!

A cup of black coffee, a shot of espresso, a pumpkin latte treat or anything else with caffeine in it – or decaf, if you please? You’re in the right place! People in Kaunas love their americanos and cappuccinos, and we’re glad to share some of the top spots in our city to get the hot drink of your choice after an inspiring stroll


Quality coffee lovers have already discovered this cosy spot right next to Kaunas city municipality. Early in the morning, you can also grab a fresh baked goodie, and you can definitely buy more coffee beans for your house and office. They roast them right there. Open as early as 7:30 AM!

vagabond kaunas

Photo by Vagabond

Green Cafe

If you’d visit Green Café every day, trying all possible variations of their coffee would take… a year. Thirty-five types of coffee with ten ways to prepare it – count it yourselves! If we add combinations with milk and desserts, you’ll be stuck here until 2030. Did we mention they have two joints on Laisvės alėja?.. The first one is closer to Soboras, while the one near Maironio street has plenty of tables for your business chitchats.

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They bake their own croissants, too! Photo by Green Cafe


Chaika has been a must-visit spot in Vilnius for years; thanks to two amazing women, we can enjoy the delicious vegan desserts and carefully prepared hot and cold drinks (do not like coffee? go for a matcha!) in Kaunas, too. Visit the cozy cafe on Daukšos street for all of the above, as well as a very instagrammable decor and a generous flow of cultural press. 

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Photo by Chaika


Dale Cooper needed a single “cup of joe” 20 years back. Urban cowboys now require a cheesecake and a power outlet too, and the dense Caffeine network has been dedicated to providing it all for more than a decade. Our favourite location is by the Kaunas municipality, while there is also a cozy spot in Akropolis mall.


Photo by Caffeine

Kavos kerai

50 types of coffee. Don’t drink coffee? Pick one of 60 kinds of tea then. This place is remarkable for its “real café” smell, maybe that’s why people keep coming back here for over ten years.


Vero Cafe

Located in convenient spots around town, this coffee chain offers great americanos, generous lattes, and lovely cakes. They are nice spots to answer some emails – just make sure you have your headphones on.

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Espresso Tonic, please! Photo by Vero Cafe

CH Chocolaterie

The legendary and very sinful chocolaterie was on Vilnius street back in the days, but this one doesn’t imitate previous traditions, it instead creates new ones in a bold yet sweet way. Here’s a real kaunastic secret – order Triestino Doppio.

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Photo by CH Chocolaterie

Motiejaus kepyklėlė

Breakfast can be going through the pages of your diary whilst enjoying an omelette; lunch can require a resting spot if your feet are tired from walking all over Kaunas Old Town. In any case, Motiejus will provide ciabattas, croissants, various bread and other baked goods at any time of the day. The entrance is from the backyard while Vilniaus street is being renovated.


Spurginė is not about to change any recipes or prices soon, and that’s why it’s the first listing on the register of Kaunas’ classical places. For nearly four decades it has been and still is the sweetest spot on Laisvės Avenue, taking a holiday only in July. Order a coffee of choice with your doughnut; the truth is, the locals prefer cacao!

spurgine A.Aleksandravicius

Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius

Caif Cafe

A few years ago, in the modernist architecture gem on Gediminas str. 45, a café was opened where visitors are greeted by a wall with a portrait of the architect, Arnas Funkas. He designed the house, and drawings of the building are also on display. In addition to the exceptionally cosy environment, you will find many of your favourite coffees here, which you can flavour with chocolate, cinnamon or syrup! Oh, and did you know a student cafe was open here some one hundred years ago?..

caif pagrindine

Photo by R. Tenys / Kas Vyksta Kaune


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