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Top Pet-friendly Places in Kaunas

We even have a pub that serves dog beer and offers a dog snack menu!

Travelling with your pet is fantastic! It’s also good to know beforehand which cities are more pet-friendly than others, right? We’re happy to state that Kaunas is an excellent place for our four-legged friends (the list is not limited to dogs!). Here’s a brief overview of the level of friendliness.

First things first. Of course, the Kaunas IN tourism information centre at the Town Hall is pet-friendly! We kindly remind you the rest of the historical building, today the Kaunas City Museum, is not.

Checking in

There’s a wide choice of pet-friendly hotels and private accommodation options – this information is always stated in the description of the hotel website, booking.com or airbnb.com. Some places do ask to pay extra, and the fee can depend on the size of your pet. Check out BringFido for an extensive list of pet-friendly lodging options in Kaunas.

Eating and going out

Once you’ve checked in, time to see the city and get something to eat, right? Plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants, including Caffeine and Vero Cafe coffee shop chains (except malls), DonelaičioCasa Della Pasta, Genys Taproom, Višta puode, Buon Giorno, Pelėdinė, Talutti, Godo, Piano Piano, Hop Doc, Vieno Prancūzo sandėliukas (a French wine and cheese house), Kultūra, Holas, Vingiu Dubingiu etc. will gladly accept your furry friend and pour him some water. Some beautiful and cosy places, however, have rather strict rules against pets, so it’s advised to call or contact a place of choice online before going there.

godo puppies

These two cuties actually run Godo bar! Photo by Agnė Survilaitė-Urbutė

flying lilly kaunas

One of our favourite kaunastic dogs, Flying Lilly, loves Buon Giorno Trattoria, Casa Della Pasta and other popular spots in Kaunas. Find out more about this cute toy poodle and her family here and don’t forget to follow Lilly on Instagram! Photo: @flying.lilly.kaunas

ipa holy donut

Another kaunastic dog we love and follow is a cute pug named Ipa. Here she is brunching at Holy Donut. Photo by @ipa_mopsas

Probably the most dog-friendly pub in town is B2O! They even serve dog beer and offer an exclusive dog snack menu.

b2o variousb2o marku

b2o dog piano

Photos by B2O


Parks in Kaunas are very pet-friendly, and we’ve got plenty of parks! Some even have designated dog playgrounds, and Nemunas island is known for sporadical dog meetings almost every night.

Don’t forget to collect what your dog left behind him or her – there are a lot of green bins designated for that all around the city. Also, please respect the people who don’t have dogs and don’t leave your peat unleashed or unattended.

The designated pet-friendly beach is the 2nd beach of the Kaunas Reservoir.


Taking your dog to an opera is probably not the best idea anywhere in the world. This doesn’t mean there aren’t other places you can enrich his or her cultural life. Why not start with paying a visit to the Kaunas Artists’ House? The historical villa hosts various events, including film screenings, exhibitions and performances.

Next door to the Kaunas Artists’ House is the A. Žmuidzinavičius Creations and Collections Museum, home of a famous interwar painter who happened to jumpstart the neighbouring Devils’ Museum. The house of the painter is pet-friendly, not the museum itself.

There’s a handful of pet-friendly smaller galleries, though, including Meno parkas and Kaunas photography gallery. The Yard gallery known for its street art is open-air and therefore pet-friendly.

The office of Kaunas 2022, the institution preparing our city to become the European Capital of Culture in 2022, located in Laisvės alėja, as well as its branch in the Old Town, are also very positive about pets visiting them.

All the branches of Kaunas Municipal Vincas Kudirka Public Library are pet-friendly, as well as Kaunas County Public Library. Both libraries often host various events, including film screenings and exhibitions.

kudirkos library dogs

On the International Day of Happiness (March 20), the Kaunas Municipal Vincas Kudirka Public Library is even more pet-friendly than usual! Photo by the library


In need of new glasses? We suggest visiting one of the officially pet-friendly Fielmann stores – there’s a couple of them in downtown Kaunas. More shopping places are included in the country’s general pet-friendly list (the website is Lithuanian-only, but you’re welcome to check it out). Many other shops and boutiques probably won’t mind, especially if your dog is toy-sized, but we recommend asking before stepping in.


Popular takeaway coffee chains are mostly pet-friendly, as we’ve mentioned above, so are the libraries which offer freelancers desks and wi-fi. Co-working places are very much pet-friendly, too. So, if you decide to stay in Kaunas for a few weeks or even longer, and get some work done, your pet will be happy to assist.


Kaunas is home to the veterinary academy, today known as the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (of course, the academy is pet-friendly!). It means we have a considerable amount of certified specialists and veterinary clinics all around town. If you have an emergency at night, you can contact the 24/7 clinic “Šnauceris Vet”. Their number is +37069821728.

Getting around

The easiest way to bring your pet to Kaunas (that is if you aren’t travelling by car) is by train. LTG LINK offer a friendly-priced pet ticket; you can get your dog a fresh bowl of water in the pet-friendly railway station upon arrival. Check out the official rules issued by our national railways here.

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The Kaunas bus station is also pet-friendly, but you need a cage if you want to travel with Kautra buses.

Travelling by plane is an option, but the prices and conditions vary depending on airlines. Kaunas airport is pet-friendly.

Public transport isn’t officially pet-friendly in Kaunas. Some taxis are, but it’s usually a personal choice, and we suggest you ask beforehand. The taxi driver may apply a small extra fee.

For official requirements for pets crossing the Lithuanian border, press here.

PS. Oh, the Kaunas city municipality is also a pet-friendly place! This kind of sets the mood, right?


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