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Top September Festivals in Kaunas

Theatres burst with premieres, museums lure visitors with renewed spaces and new exhibitions, and, as each year, plenty of festivals mark the event calendar.

September is a busy month for culture lovers. Theatres burst with premieres, museums lure visitors with renewed spaces and new exhibitions, and, as each year, plenty of festivals mark the event calendar. We cherrypicked those suitable for non-Lithuanian speakers – don’t hesitate to participate and catch the kaunastic spirit.

Starting 09 02

In 2021, the 18th international photo art festival KAUNAS PHOTO festival will hold its opening tours on September 2 and 3 with the exhibition openings of fourteen artists from different countries. The programme of the 18th KAUNAS PHOTO festival will focus on the threshold of adulthood, becoming an adult, the pros and cons, stories and feelings of being young, teenager, parent, mid-aged, retired, with or without grandchildren, hobby, job, retirement savings meeting the sunset of life. The exhibitions and events of the festival will be related to general or specific issues of life choices, crisis, joys, traditions, stereotypes, taboos, social norms and the impact of big data society on age groups. The open call to the festival, which received over a hundred proposals, showed that a critical mass of photographers is exploring an the aging society, its joys and challenges.

More: www.kaunasphoto.com

09 02 kaunas photo

Caroline Minjolle (Switzerland). „RENDEZ-VOUS“

​​09 04 – 05
Kaunas International Carillon Music Festival 2021

This year the 5th festival in the garden of Vytautas the Great War Museum will present not only classical music, but also unexpected bell duets with other instruments and electronic music.

The festival program includes well-known performers from Europe: carillonists Monika Kazmierczak (Poland) and Jan Verheyen (Belgium), horn player Michał Szczerba (Poland) and guitarist Cedric Honings (Belgium). Stanislovas Žilevičius, a long-term carillonist from Lithuania, will join the performers from abroad.

The highlight of the festival is a Saturday evening concert with the artistic lighting of the carillon tower.

09 11
Fluxus festival

Fluxus Festival continues a tradition it started in 2018 and invites everyone to climb the Parodos Hill in Žaliakalnis together in Fluxus style. In the evening, after a day full of various community activities around Kaunas, we will start our climb in the square of the father of Fluxus, George Maciunas. we will reach Ąžuolynas. Dress as crazy as you want – or even crazier, because wearing a costume is part of the fun.

Program: www.fluxusfestivalis.lt

09 11 fluxus

Photo by M. Plepys

09 15 – 10 15

10th Chamber music festival Avanti

Vytautas Magnus university chamber orchestra and festival ‘Avanti’ are inseparable. Chamber orchestra performs the newest pieces of Lithuanian and foreign chamber music by realising its ideas and staying open to further musical experiments. 

Program: www.facebook.com/festivalisavanti

09 17 – 09 26

Landscape Design Festival MAGENTA

Started in autumn 2019, the Landscape Design Festival MAGENTA (part of Kaunas 2022 program) is dedicated to actualizing landscape design and environmental art, to strengthening the role of plants in shaping our urban environment, and to promoting interdisciplinary public art.

The festival program aims at rediscovering, recognizing and understanding landscape design, attracting public attention to improving public spaces, strengthening the relationship between architecture and natural environment, highlighting the beauty of greenery and its importance to our quality of life. 

More: www.landscapedesignfest.eu

09 23 – 09 24

European Capital of Culture Forum

This year, at the European Capital of Culture Forum we will discuss the identity, achievements and future trajectories of the Kaunas 2022 programme. Also during the event, the eve of 2022, the year of the European Capital of Culture, a programme uniting about 1,500 events, will be presented in Lithuania. Behind the team is the five-year period of preparation, thousands of events that already took place, involved organizations, communities, dozens of new festivals, new community initiatives and long-term projects.

Guests of the forum will be the teams of Novi Sad 2022 and Esch 2022, who will also reveal their programmes for the international audience.

Program and registration: www.forumas.kaunas2022.eu 

09 24 forumas

Photo by A.  Aleksandravičius

09 30 – 10 03


Even after three decades of existance, the dance festival manages to surprise us. This year, the opening event and a few other events of AURA31 will be held in an authentic yet neglected interwar cinema Daina in Žaliakalnis. A young businessman recently purchased this beautiful building and hopes to convert it into a multifunctional institution. The joint team of best Lithuanian dancers and their fans will be among the first to visit it. Also, as every year, AURA31 will be visited by best dance companies from Italy and Israel.

More: www.dancefestival.lt

09 30 aura leonardo

Egri Bianco Danza. „LEONARDO DA VINCI: Anatomie Spirituali“ (Italy)


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