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Travelling and COVID-19: Updated information on visiting Lithuania

If you’re planning to visit Lithuania this summer, please check the information below before your trip.

As the pandemics still prevails all over the planet, travel plans seem to change every day if not every hour. If you’re planning to visit Lithuania this summer, please check the information below before your trip.

All passengers arriving to Lithuanian airports and the port in Klaipėda, regardless of their citizenship, need to go through border control. More information here.

As of Monday, August 10, all travellers arriving in Lithuania from abroad by air or sea have to register with the National Public Health Centre (NVSC). All passengers have to fill out forms on paper or online before disembarking. NVSC specialists collect completed paper forms from travellers or check if they have filled them out online. Find the form here

Every week, Lithuanian Government updates a list of countries travellers from which have to self-isolate. The updated list of countries for mandatory 14-day isolation upon return is updated weekly. The affected areas are considered to be countries with the coronavirus infection incidence rate exceeding 16 cases per 100,000 population over the last 14 days.

Foreign nationals arriving from the countries with the incidence rate above 16 are required to stay in isolation for 14 days, while isolation and testing for the coronavirus infection are mandatory to those arriving from the third countries included in the list of the affected countries. Isolation premises, transportation to isolation premises, transportation to the testing site for the coronavirus infection, and testing for the coronavirus infection for foreigners arriving in Lithuania for work or with special permits shall be provided and paid for by the employer, the inviting person, or foreigners themselves.

On August 10, a mandatory 14-day self-isolation requirement for Lithuanian nationals and residents returning from Poland, the Netherlands, Iceland, Cyprus and Turkey was introduced. Non-Lithuanian residents will be allowed to come from Poland and Cyprus but will need  to self-isolate for two weeks. Foreigners will be barred from entering Lithuania from the Netherlands, Iceland and Turkey.

Because of the newest decisions by the government, train services between Kaunas and Białystok have been temporarily paused.

The updated list can be found here.

As of 1 August, protective face masks are mandatory on public transport (it is not possible to purchase tickets directly from the driver, for security reasons) and in enclosed shops and service provision spaces, excluding restaurants and cultural events. People not wearing masks when mandatory will be refused entry and can be fined.. More on this here

We wish everyone to act accordingly, stay safe and healthy!

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