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VMU Will Accept Another 50 Students From Belarus

The university in Kaunas will establish a support fund and grant scholarships to cover the tuition fees for Belarusian students.

As more and more students join the Belarusian freedom movement, the country’s universities do not support them and also expel them from their studies. Continuing the long-standing initiative dedicated to Eastern Partnership countries and aiming to support Belarusian students, Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) will accept another 50 students from this country who feel unsafe in their homeland, are being persecuted for civic and political reasons and have been expelled from the Belarusian universities. VMU will establish a support fund and grant scholarships to cover the tuition fees for these students. Currently, about 50 students from Belarus are already studying at VMU.

Vytautas Magnus University being of a particularly wide scope will allow Belarusian students to continue their studies in various programmes: Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Politics, Economics, Natural Sciences, Computer Science, Education, and Agricultural Sciences.

Studies for Belarusian students are offered in English with the possibility to use Russian as an auxiliary language. Students will also be given the opportunity to study remotely. If needed, the University will also provide accommodation in dormitories for students who have arrived to Lithuania.

In order to give the Belarusian youth the opportunity to acquire modern knowledge of public administration, VMU at the end of August already accepted about 20 students from Belarus to the special master’s degree programme Administration of State Institutions. All students shall be exempted from payment for their studies.

VMU is also establishing a fund to support Belarusian students, to which the representatives of business, society and individuals are invited to join. Support would be provided for scholarships for Belarusian students who have arrived and are studying at VMU, and would cover the cost of studies and living.

Currently Belarusian students are already studying at the VMU Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy, Faculty of Informatics, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Management, and Education Academy.

More information on the possibility for foreign students to continue their studies at VMU.


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