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Welcome to Kaunas, it’s kaunastic to have you here. Never heard of the word? We’re sure it’ll be your favorite word after your visit. Below are some tips and tricks to make your life easier if you decide to stay here for a longer time. We’d be happy if you did, sincerely.

20230112 150046 Naujas Pdf Page LT EN
Map of Kaunas 2022 City map EN
IMG 0948 Guide: Contemporary Kaunas LT EN DE RU PL FI LV ET ES FR IT
studento1 Interwar student LT EN
IMG 6365 Wooden Stories LT EN
IMG 8346 Map: Wallographer's Notes LT EN
IMG 8344 Map: Modernist's Guide LT EN JA
Sokas 1 Map: Culture Shock LT EN
sportas 2 Map: The City of Champions LT
IMG 8327 Map: Kid-sized Kaunas LT EN
untitled 1 Map: Žaliakalnis LT EN
20210520 111727 Map: Kaunas Between the Lines LT EN


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