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About Kaunas

If you've ever wondered where you've heard of or learned about Kaunas, we are sure that this city, where tech innovation, culture, and a self-made spirit converge, is not to be missed. Want to hear more? Though we are sometimes modest, we can talk about Kaunas endlessly. But don't be concerned, we also like to be specific. So, let's explore the 4th largest city of the Baltics, where so much awaits!

Kaunas, balancing a contemporary European point of view and authentic Baltic values, is strategically the most convenient meeting point in Lithuania. It’s also an important crossroad between the Baltic countries, Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe for both travelling by land and air. The network of hotels and public spaces in Kaunas is more than ready to satisfy diverse needs starting from tête-à-tête negotiations and small seminars all the way to major conferences and city-wide events.

Have you ever heard about quality, relaxed life in the city? Yes, we live it, here in Kaunas. We're sure you're aware, but we'd like to remind you that we were the European Capital of Culture in 2022 (and yes, we're immensely proud of it). If you check the Kaunastic dictionary, you will find the following explanation for the word "modernism": modernism (noun) - the architecture of Kaunas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the way people feel and live here. Don't believe it? See for yourself!

Are you a fan of modernist architecture? Nature lover? Run a street art-focused Instagram account? We can ensure that there are not dozens, but hundreds, maybe even thousands of places, objects, things, and phenomena worth discovering in Kaunas. In the warm season and early autumn, the city is dancing, singing, swimming, playing sports, and watching cinema - all in the open air. In autumn and winter, we invite you to go beyond photo walks through the historic streets of Kaunas and plan cosy afternoons in the modernist buildings, cafes, restaurants, museums, concerts, galleries… We're sure you don't want to miss it!

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