‘fi clinica’ is one of the largest private clinics in the Baltic States that provides beauty and health services, has plastic and reconstruction surgery specialists, who are well-known not only in Lithuania, but also in Europe and over the Atlantic, and has gathered a very strong team of dental practitioners and dermatovenerologists. The clinic is equipped with a modern technique developed according to the newest technologies that ensure comfort and safety to our patients.

A team of over 120 specialists takes care of health and beauty of our patients, which consists of the experts in their field, who managed to gain invaluable baggage of knowledge through their long-term international experience and continue to travel around the world for constant improvement and internships, apply the most modern treatment methods in their practice, provide a wide range of excellent services in the area of plastic surgery, dentistry, dermatology and help to increase self-confidence and nurture individual beauty.

Let our professionals take care of your health and well-being, provide more self-confidence, nurture your individual beauty and increase love to oneself and one’s body!

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