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Why Kaunas

Kaunas, Lithuania‘s second largest city balancing contemporary European point of view and authentic Baltic values, is strategically the most convenient meeting point in Lithuania. It’s also an important crossroads between the Baltic countries, Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe for both travelling by land and air. The network of hotels and public spaces in Kaunas is more than ready to satisfy diverse needs starting from tête-à-tête negotiations and small seminars to major conferences and city-wide events.

Dozens of international conferences, exhibitions and networking events take place in Kaunas each year, attracting tens of thousands of delegates and participants. Sensible, convenient, elegant and affordable, Kaunas is trending in the region for grandeur events of local and international importance, such as music concerts, top level management meetings, sports tournaments and so on. No matter if you’re looking for a cozy historic room for a serious business negotiation or a spacious 21st century auditorium for a science conference, rest assured you’ll receive full support by educated and friendly staff.

What’s unique about Kaunas is that contemporary business centres full of state-of-the-art technology are complemented with an inspiring layer of interwar modernism (it is protected by the European Heritage label and inscribed on the UNESCO Word Heritage List) spread all over the city. Compact and conveniently designed (the trip to or from the airport takes less than 30 minutes), Kaunas can be explored in a couple of hours between the meetings or on the way to dinner from your hotel of choice. Speaking of dinner…

The experienced chefs of Kaunas restaurants are eager to exceed the expectations of the most sophisticated eaters, offering a wide array of time-tested recipes from around the world as well as a modern approach to the Nordic cuisine. When deals are done and laptops are off, the pubs and cocktail bars of the Old Town and centre of Kaunas are ready to take over the attention and untie those ties.


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