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K. Donelaičio g. 79 - 11, Kaunas +370 37 206 839 info@lietuvis.lt www.lietuvis.lt

Over 12 years Lietuvis has become a strong, experienced, constantly improving and dashing company. Its team consists of experienced and ambitious professionals in their fields, providing only the highest level of service.

- location scouting;
- event planning, coordinating and budgeting;
- finding speakers, preparing presentations, administration
- participant registration (online and at the event);
- equipment supply;
- finding sponsors and administration of exhibitions;
- marketing and communication;
- building and administration of websites;
- catering and accommodation;
- organizing and coordinating gala dinners;
- gifts and souvenirs for participants;
- entertainment services.


- Opening of Devbridge LT office in Vilnius and international conference “Kick off 2017” – 200 attendees (2017);
- International conference “Learning Network“ – 33 delegates (2017);
- Conference “Diplomats for Life: Connecting Medical Education and Clinical Practice“ – 450 delegates (2016)

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