The National Kaunas Drama Theatre is a repertory theatre offering a variety of productions ranging from classical dramas to contemporary performances for all social groups of national and international audiences. Each season about 350 events take place, inviting more than 60 000 spectators. During a theatre season, the audience enjoys 6 to 7 premieres, an educational festival called „Dive into the Theatre” and international festivals, co-productions, and guest performances.

Our theatre occupies a number of buildings offering producers and event holders a choice of 4 different stages: the Small Stage is for small-scale performances with an intimate ambiance, Rūta’s Stage is a black box for experiments with the actor-audience relationship, the Long Stage, situated in a former industrial site, with an unconventional shape and a unique aura perfect for avant-garde productions. And of course, the Main Stage seats up to 498 spectators and combines modernist interior and full-scale technical possibilities.

Main Stage - 498 - - - - -
Rūta's Stage - 170 - - - - -
Long Stage - 98 - - - - -
Small Stage - 102 - - - - -
Main Stage Hall - - 100 - - 100 350
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