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Public transport

Important information - temporary, because of the COVID19, you may not buy a single use paper tickets directly from the driver. Please use electronic ticket or the app Žiogas

KAUNAS PUBLIC TRANSPORT: buses and trolleybuses. There are two types of tickets: A single use paper ticket and E-ticket (periodic for 3, 7, 30 or 92 days). Trolleybuses and buses run from 4.30 a.m. until 10.30 p.m. Payments for Kaunas city public transport are made with the help of non-contact electronic ticket (CARD) system. You may transfer different sums of money from your e-purse onto the CARD  and/or pay for certain kinds of e-ticket (of 3, 7, 30 and 92 days) periodically. You may buy the CARD at the newspaper stands or in the places marked by the special sign “Kauno Viešasis Transportas” (KVT) (Kaunas Public Transport). You must always have your card when getting on the means of transport. You may check Kaunas public transport routes and schedules on the website

 BUS TO THE AIRPORT: Kaunas International Airport (Karmelava) – is located 15 km north east of Kaunas City. Bus No. 29 regularly runs from the airport terminal to the city centre. If you come to Kaunas late in the evening, for your convenience the bus No. 29 will wait for you and take you to Kaunas. Every day the bus from Kaunas Airport only leaves  after the last plane lands. Useful information: Please buy a ticket from the driver immediately after boarding the vehicle. Please be prepared to pay the exact amount of money – 1 Eur. Paper tickets purchased from the driver must not be validated using ticket punchers. You can find the bus No. 29 (routes and timetables: 

Kaunas Airport Bus 29 route

Taxis are available and the price to the city centre is about 20-25 EUR. Taxis can be found and hired directly from outside the airport terminal building. We recommend  “Smart taxi“ which can be called on tel. 1821 or +370 37 29 1821 or ordered online .

TAXIS: can be hailed on the streets, called by phone or using mobile App. The average price for one kilometer by taxi is 0,70 EUR.

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