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Excursion at A. Iljiniene's house

K. Donelaičio g. 19, Kaunas +37060958251 studio@blankpage.lt https://www.blankpage.lt/studija/ Tickets and tour schedule:

Excursions: "How does the pearl of interwar modernism – A. Iljiniene's house "live" today?"

We invite you to see historic Kaunas from the inside, through the eyes of the restored pearl of interwar modernism – the house of A. Iljiniene – which we see every day in K. Donelaičio Street. You will have a unique insight into the life, interiors and culture of that time. You will see how the restored heritage object inspires today's "inhabitants" of the house to create and find new projects. The meticulously restored house, the lovingly restored interior spaces, the restored and refurbished furnishings, the tastefully selected furniture of the period allow the visitor to feel the spirit of the prewar period and to understand the innovative modernist style of that time. The house and its interior were like a fresh gust of architectural fashion that came from other European countries to the temporary capital Kaunas, illustrating the history of European modernism. Today, it shows us once again how rich Lithuanian culture is and encourages us to create for the future. 

Come and see: See it. Hear it. Feel it. 

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