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Kaunas State Musical Theatre

Laisvės al. 91, Kaunas +370 37 200 933

Kaunas State Musical Theatre is the second largest professional Theatre in Lithuania. We are a repertoire Theatre, which means that each year we begin our artistic season in October and it lasts until May. We have as many as 30 different performances in our repertoire, including operas, operettas, musicals, musical revues, concerts, dance performances, and shows for children. We are largely focused on the classical music: the majority of our performances are classical traditional pieces of musical stage genre. However, we are always open to new experiences and eager to bring new exquisite world-famous works to our viewers in Lithuania and present something new and great to our audience, which is marked by the addition to our repertoire of world-famous musicals during the recent years (Elton John and Tim Rice’s “Aida”, Frank Wildhorn’s musical “The Count of Monte Cristo” and the musical “Carmen”). Our Theatre has deep traditions lasting for over 120 years. We have an abundant and flexible artistic troupe: a full symphonic orchestra, rhythmic band, ballet troupe, choir, over 30 soloist singers who perform all different genres – operas, operettas, musicals, rock-operas, heavy metal and pop-operas. Our whole production team is well recognized in Lithuania and abroad. We are interested in new opportunities granted to us by out-of-Theatre artists. We have a tradition of inviting visitor production teams and guest performers. We strive for the stage performances that are both educational and entertaining, leaving the visitor of the Theatre in awe of brilliance and great experience.
Attention! Kaunas State Musical Theatre is closed for renovation from 13 of March until the end of 2019. All planed performances will be in other places 

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