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V. Putvinskio g. 62, Kaunas

A graduate from Moscow and Munich, a therapist and a psychiatrist, and a Doctor of Philosophy Antanas Gylys returned to Lithuania in 1924, where he began teaching at the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy at Vytautas Magnus University. A. Gylys left the university in 1934 and built a modern hospital where he began providing private medical services. The hospital was one of the most modern institutions of its kind in Lithuania. The building contained not only an internal medicine and neurology clinic, but also the owner’s apartment, located far up behind on the fourth floor. The first floor was devoted to hydrotherapy; the second to patients’ reception; and the third to the clinic. The exterior is typical for residential houses except that the entrance is not from the street but from the driveway. The clinic was well-equipped with modern instruments. Installed then and still working now are a Schindler elevator, some of the hydrotherapeutic equipment and a “Pelz” safe. Year: 1933. Style: Modernism. Architect Leonas Ritas.

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