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Savanorių pr. 124, Kaunas

One of the last movie theatres to open its doors (on 9 March 1940) in the temporary Lithuanian capital; this cinema sports an especially ornate facade in Art Deco style. Elevated vertical cornices frame the central expanse – this could have been an allusion to the screen and its curtain. The popularity of the nearby cinema theatre “Daina” encouraged businessmen to build more cinema theatres in the rapidly growing Žaliakalnis (the Green Hill). A deepened entry constituted a cosy and comfortable vestibule; the azure tulip motif ornaments, as was customary in the interwar years, served as a reminder that the building really was Lithuanian. The cinema, owned by Jurgis Štromas and the firm of “V. Epšteinas and Z. Kapulskis”, had 519 seats. In accordance with the dimensions of the lot, the movie building was narrow and long in design. Year: 1939–1940. Style: Art Deco. Architects Jokūbas Rabinavičius, Juozas Segalauskas, M. Laurinavičiūtė.

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