Perhaps the most modern fort of the Kaunas Fortress, completed just before World War I, is probably best known to everyone, who traveled on the A1 highway. From it, you can see the impressive monument for the victims of Nazism erected in 1984 (sculptor Alfonsas Ambraziūnas, architects Gediminas Baravykas and Vytautas Vielius, artist Kazimieras Morkūnas). In the interwar period, the fort served as a punitive labor prison, in 1940-1941 an NKVD prison and later a concentration camp, where 30-50 thousand Lithuanian citizens were killed. In 1958 a museum was established in the fort exhibiting many artifacts of the Nazi and Soviet genocide. The fort has been renovated and it is possible to visit almost all of its premises, also via the internet.


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