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Cognitive Trail of Laumėnai

Laumėnų g., Girionys

This is a wild forest trail for those who like long, active, intense walks, as in some sections of the trail you will have to overcome steep slopes and ditches. This route leads along the coast, on wise trails, the main landmark on this trail is Kaunas Lagoon. However, in order to really protect yourself and not get lost, it will not be enough to be near Kaunas Lagoon - we recommend following the markings on the trees and other signs here. The total length of the trail to one side is almost 5 km long, so those who choose to walk this trail will have to settle for a longer time in the fresh air. Travellers can enjoy the beautiful panoramas of nature, Kaunas Lagoon, the landscape of Pažaislis Monastery, the contours of Pakalniškės and Vieškūnai mounds in the distance. The Žaisa stream and spring water also flow in this path, which is a great place to refresh yourself with cold and, arguably, magical spring water. 
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