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Cognitive Trail of Pakalniškės

Piliuonos g., Vaišvydava, Kaunas

Pakalniškės mound is the first object of Pakalniškės cognitive trail, marking the beginning of this trail. The trail winds along the shore of Kaunas Lagoon and leads to Pakalniškės Bay, where Pakalniškės village used to be. Those who are interested in nature and looking not only for places to walk but also want to enrich their knowledge, on this trail, you can see the tuffs forming on the spring slope, learn more about the forest community, see sufos circuses and outcrops. Pakalniškės cognitive trail ends in Girionys, which is almost 3 km long. However, this trail - not a circular one - so you should estimate that those who want to go the whole path from start to finish, back and forth, will have to walk almost 6 kilometres.
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