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Cognitive Trail of Pažaislis

T. Masiulio g. 21A, Kaunas

Pažaislis Monastery is one of the most beautiful and amazing baroque buildings in North-Eastern Europe. Next to it, you can also find Kaunas Lagoon and the cognitive trail, which is located on the Petrašiūnai peninsula on the shore of Kaunas Lagoon. The trail, which stretches along the coast and slopes of the lagoon and connects the beach with the Pažaislis heath, leads nature-loving walkers through the forest, turns around the ensemble of the Pažaislis monastery, leads along the slopes of the lagoon through the woods to Kaunas Yacht Club. During this trip on cognitive trails, you have an opportunity to see probably the most beautiful panoramas of Kaunas Lagoon, and you will be able to try to visit other places here. We can suggest that this educational trail is an ideal place to watch the sunrise. The total length of the trails is about 2 km. By the way, a great place to visit is the hospitality complex "Monte Pacis".
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