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Geological Trail of Žiegždriai

Kalniškių g., Samylų sen., Kauno raj.

The trail, which starts near Žiegždriai, lasts about 1.6 km long, and like Kamša Cognitive Trail, it is popular among travellers who give priority to short and comfortable walks in the fresh air. For those who are interested in geology, this trail is a great opportunity to learn to “read” the history of the country’s depths, written in the layers of its crust. The cognitive path is distinguished by the outcrops and ditches of clays and conglomerates. A conglomerate is a cement formed from lime, clay and gravel since the ice age. The length of the exposure is as high as 400 m long, and the height is 22 m long. Along this trail, you can find the thickest, century-old lime tree in the vicinity of Kaunas Lagoon, which is 4.3 m thick.
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