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Reserve District of Dubrava

Dubravos miškas, Samylų sen., Kauno raj.

The entire Dubrava subsoil reserve covers an area of ​​almost 120 ha; the pines growing there reach up to 38 m height, and can hardly be embraced by one person. A swamp occupies about a quarter of the territory of the Dubrava subsoil - the most picturesque part of the cognitive trail - an upland swamp overgrown with lichens and small pines and furrowed with moss stumps. The length of the educational path in reserve is 1.9 km long; it goes through the most amazing places of Dubrava reserve. On extremely windy days, we recommend postponing the trip to this educational trail until the next day. If the wind speed reaches 15 m/s, visiting the Dubrava reserve is dangerous and prohibited, as dry trees may fall. It is also forbidden to touch or move dead trees or climb on the trunks of fallen trees in the reserve, as this can not only severely damage the wildlife there, but you can also injure yourself.
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