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Spring Trail in Kačerginė

Šaltinio g., Kačerginė, Kauno raj.

In the town of Kačerginė, located a little further from Kaunas, a hike on naturally wise trails awaits you. Everyone here can choose the route for themselves - you can choose 2.6 km, 3.3 km, 4 km, 4.5 km or 5.5 km long paths where you will walk along the heaths and banks of the Nemunas. On the slopes you can relax and drink spring water - there are at least three such stops for refreshment. This spring water is exceptional, due to its healing properties; it is also used in the sanatorium operating in Kačerginė. The tracks meander through the hills, through the most beautiful sights, natural fields, and the difference of height there may reach as much as 56 m. Benches and information signs can be found in all sections of this hiking route, so a hike in the wild nature will be not only fun and full of discoveries, but also convenient for you.
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