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K. Petrausko g. 31, Kaunas +370 696 75737 Adults - 3,00 EUR, students, seniors - 1,50 EUR, schoolchildren - free II – V 10 AM – 6 PM, VI 10 AM – 5 PM

The museum located in the house of the Lithuanian opera singer Kipras Petrauskas and his brother composer and singer Mikas Petrauskas, invites you to get acquainted with the legendary personalities of Kaunas, to look at their lives and work and also touch upon the history of Lithuanian professional music.

In the modern, interactive exhibition "State Theater. Music of the nation" visitors can find information about various State Theater, opera and ballet productions, conductors, artists, dancers and musicians. The events in the section - concerts, festivals, celebrations, conferences - allow you to touch the history of Lithuanian professional music.

Kaunas City Museum represents the history of the city and commemorates its' legendary citizens. The museum has five departments: Kaunas Castle, Kaunas Town Hall, Folk Music Branch, Mikas and Kipras Petrauskas House, and Juozas Gruodis House

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